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  1. VHS cassetes

    I have just found 8 old Video Tapes for Southend United games in the 1990`s,including the Stan Collymore collection, if anybody would like them(all free) please let me know and I will deliver them. Got rid of my old Video recorder a few years back. First come gets the lot!
  2. CyrilSneer

    Woking 0 Southend 2 FA Cup 1997

    Apologies for adding this here, I couldn't find anywhere else.Im Sure there used to be a section for Southend You tube videos. Anyway, one from the archives, just managed to work out how to convert VHS to my laptop so apologies for the quality. How young does Jeff Stelling look. I managed to...
  3. Kenny

    Memory Lane The 90's in Video

    I'll try and keep this thread moving in some kind of chronological order, there will be some repetition until I get into the "newer" clips. Some stuff I've redone to improve the quality and fix previous issues when converting from VHS to a digital file. So let's kick this off: 4th May 1991, a...
  4. Southend Utd live Matches ....VHS to DVD?

    Can anybody help or advise? I have several Southend matches dating from about 1991 ,all on VHS format.We used to be shown live on Anglia TV quite a bit in our championship days.... It would be great if I could get these 'transferred ' onto a DVD format but being a complete techno novice...
  5. Southampton Shrimper

    DVD Ripper

    I have still as yet never uploaded anything on to YouTube, but have been thinking for years I should get some of my old VHS footage onto there. Having put some old SUFC footage onto a DVD this morning, it has reminded me again that maybe I should give it a try. Having looked into it, it appears...
  6. Jam_Man

    Old videos

    Clearing out some shelves in my daughters bedroom as she is slowly taking over all my storage space and came across these. Havent owned a VHS player in years so will have to get them converted. Look how organised I was with my little labelling machine :) [/URL]
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    Derek Payne v David Speedie

    If memory serves me correctly, this match was televised. Someone must have this on VHS somewhere. Please, please, please, please convert it and provide youtube footage of this.
  8. galvatron1983

    Old season review videos???

    Bit of a random request but just wondering if anyone has a copy of the 98/99 season review VHS tape? I used to have a copy but got rid of it years ago, looking to get another one as 98/99 was my first season watching southend. Even though it was an awful season I have many fond memories of it...
  9. Napster

    VHS to DVD

    I have a few VHS videos of the Mighty Blues. Is there anyone who can convert them to DVDs for me? In return you can make a copy for yourself - copies of our 1991 season in Division One, the 10-1 win, the game against Spurs, an Anglo-Italian home movie (includes clips from training) and more. Let...
  10. galvatron1983

    Shrimpers DVDs!

    Good morrow to you all, I recall there being several southend "season review" VHS tapes released to the club shop over the years. I never bothered picking them up at the time at the time and I was wondering if anybody managed to transfer any to DVD?? Id be very interested in getting a copy of...
  11. Paul Brush on Baddiel and Skinner's Fantasy Football

    Just going through some old VHS tapes before I chuck them, and had forgotten that our very own Paul Brush used to appear on BBC's Fantasy Football programme. I think he was a number two back then also -- to Basil Brush.
  12. Fellow nerds....will this suck?

    I loved V when it came on in the 80's, taped it off the telly on VHS and watched it many a time. I even read the books and watched the series (which I soon realised was pony). However V still holds a place in my heart but now they've remade it. So simply, will it be top drawer like the...
  13. lee bradbury is a legend

    Season reviews vhs/dvd

    Anyone have any season reviews between 94-98 that you want to sell or make a copy of? Many thanks.
  14. Crawliano

    Any tech savvy SZ'ers here?

    I've got the SUFC 94-95 and 95-96 season videos on VHS and wanted to put them on DVD or something so that I can watch great trouncings such as the 5-0 at Molineux or the 6(?)-1 at Palace all over again while Geoff Clarke rattles on over the top of it. I don't have any of the equipment to do it...
  15. Kent Shrimper

    Zone Update Southend's Greatest Moments

    I know a lot of you have already seen this clip that i put together of Southends greatest moments, However its now been updated with Chelsea. Im still hunting for the Peterborough clip, i have it on VHS but cant get it onto my PC. I hope you all enjoy it http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qJhorsv4WDY
  16. RobM

    What's the worst present you've had?

    OK guys 'n' gals - no embellishment - what was the worst Christmas present you've ever had? Me? A VHS video of the Galapagos Islands. No idea why I got it.
  17. Leeboy

    Wanted !!!

    if anybody has a copy of the Canvey FA Cup game from 2000 ( where we were the 'away' team at RH, in Orange ) on VHS that I could possibly buy or borrow to copy, then please PM me thanks guys :)
  18. Kenny


    now this ladies and gents is the kind of occasion where the "Easy" clap can come into play, not at 0-0 or at 1-0 or even 2-0....try 10-1 Southend vs Aldershot - 1990 a big thanks to Jam_Man for supplying the rare VHS source tape.
  19. TrueBlue

    Blue Ray V HD Dvd

    Anybody know how the war is going? for you people who don't know what I am talking about the DVD scene is now at war over new formats so is VHS vs Beta Max all over again!
  20. Lap-top and VHS

    I want to transfer from VHS tape to DVD. Would a lap-top have sufficient power to allow me to do this? I wouldn't want to spend a fortune if a tower system would offer me better options. Reason? About 400 SUFC goals on about 25 VHS tapes! Thanks chaps (and chappettes). 3-1 tonight!