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  1. Napster

    And now the end is near

    All, You may have noticed I haven't been round much these last few weeks. The truth is, now I've moved to Kent and virtually settled down (eek), I don't get involved in all the other SUFC stuff now - I've quit the Trust committee (although their aims are the same as mine) and...
  2. VHS to DVD

    I have a thousand or so Southend goals (OK 400 then) on VHS video and I want to edit them on to DVD. I haven't a clue how to do it or what's needed. Anyone able to explain it all in simple terms, please? TIA
  3. Canvey v Southend

    Was transfering above match I have on VHS onto DVD and it occured to me some of you guys might want a copy. 5 quid a DVD if your interested (plus P&P if you require it) let me know if you're interested. Dave
  4. PC TV Capture Card

    Got hold of a video player in the end (a mate of mine owns a TV and video shop and he sold me an ex-rental dirt cheap). What I plan to do now is buy a TV Capture Card for my PC so I can capture my VHS videos onto DVD's. Can anyone recommend and decent but cheap card? Also what's the...
  5. Video player?

    Looking for a VHS player/recorder. No shops seem to stock them these days and those that do want loads for them. All I'm after is a basic play/record jobby so I can connect it to my PC and copy some of me VHS' onto DVD. Does anyone have an old second hand one they want to flog that will...
  6. canada shrimper

    i have just read my newsletter and.....

    before it is moved i posted this here to save writing 2 separate posts as this is only loosely susct related. I have just finished reading my susct news letter and have a couple of questions regarding whats going on in soccer.What is the story regarding sin bins?I take it the goal line...
  7. Police Squad

    Just going through some old VHS Videos (remember those kids?!) and found some episodes of "Police Squad!" that I had recorded. That kind of humour really hits the button for me and I still found them extremely funny. If anyone else likes this style of comedy (Airplane, Naked...
  8. Napster

    Star Wars news

    The original three "Star Wars" films — among the most anticipated on DVD — will be released in the digital format Sept. 21 in North America, LucasFilm Ltd. and 20th Century Fox announced Tuesday. A price for the package and international release dates were to be revealed later. The original...