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  1. southend drum

    The drum will be at Wembley block 133 at the back in the disabled area with the drummer . Flags must have a fire certificate so blue voice flag will not get in ! the smaller flags ok .Please yellow everywhere and lets make some noise
  2. Question Yellow or Blue? Answer - yellow

    Guessing we will be wearing yellow on Saturday? I'm looking forward to screaming "yellow" at the top of my voice. Just wanted to check in case club have decided to change it to blue kit as has been done before. UTB !
  3. Mad Cyril

    German Wings crash

    The media are reporting that one pilot was locked out of the cockpit and the voice recorder indicates he was trying to smash the door down just before the crash......
  4. Funny

    I'm a huge fan of Phil Cornwall the comedian and as most of you know he's a big Spurs fan. He hosts a podcast called 'The Spurs Show'. I listen to it as its funny and he takes the **** out of everybody, even Spurs. Well over the years, at the beginning of the show, he takes the rise out of...
  5. Cricko

    Last Day: Christmas Quiz. Cryptic 3.

    Ok last one people and a bit longer than the others..Some very easy, some not so. Have fun. :smiles: Cryptic capital cities: 1.Multiplying by two? - Dublin 2.Is this the place to get plastered? - Paris 3.Put father in a paper receptacle? - Baghdad 4.Reserve a peaceful break? - Bucharest...
  6. superblue24

    Question Invoices

    Hi All, Anyone know the in's and out's of a correctly issued invoice? I received a letter and invoice from a buildings maintenance firm with a due date of payment 43 days before I received the invoice. I hadn't noticed the due date when I first saw the invoice (which I obviously held back...
  7. fbm

    Pause for breath...

    So the mighty Blues have no game this week and we have bumper news stories breaking about the London Soccerdome. It's always interesting to see stories about our club that are newsworthy on a national basis and I think it's also quite interesting to see the slant that us Zoners put on it...
  8. Answer to Goalscoring Problems

    So, we are struggling in front of goal. Why doesn't The Blue Voice take a leaf out of the Master Race's book and lend the lads a hand? (And who said Germans don't have a sense of humour - Thank You FC Magdeburg Fans!) http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0HhA2OQaLt8
  9. Message From Ryan Murrant

    As you may or may not know my time at your club has come to an end. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in my time with you. I made some big changes there for the better and I know that the club is in a better place with the areas that I covered. As the...
  10. The Blue Voice Moan

    Not to start an age old argument off but I have to make a comment....... Do they think they are Ultras from turkey? Standing on chairs at the front with their backs to the game shouting at people to sing when everyone was. Your an embarrassment. You sing terrible songs half the game as well...
  11. RIP James Alexander Gordon

    The man who read the footy results on BBC for 40 years died yesterday age 78 This from Sue Perkins sums it up: "East Fife 4 Forfar 5. RIP James Alexander Gordon, voice of my childhood"
  12. LouBlue

    Hello peeps

    Hi Peeps I'm new, this is my 1st ever forum so not really sure what I am meant to do or say, will need some advise on using the forum lol. I'm Lou soon to be Mrs (TrueBlue) Peters. I'm new to watching Southend United. I love football, always have just never went to watch it until I met...
  13. Hi everyone from a former Echo sports reporter

    Hi to all members. My name is James Colasanti and I am a former sports reporter and sub editor on the Echo's sports desk. I left that position in April this year and have now set-up an independent sports news website for Essex - www.sportinessex.com I specialised in coverage of Essex non...
  14. * ORM *

    Less obvious SUFC memories and fans where are they now?

    We've done the obvious. Bury, Liverpool, Man U, Swansea, Peterborough, Stockport, Milleniums, Wembley, QPR Maher, Col Ewe Che Wilson and LDVS, Chelski an so many more to death. How about others even defeats even if it means nothing to anyone else. I still can't get a memory out of my head...
  15. Blues Lottery

    Finally after being in the Blues Lottery since 2008, I have won something :happy:Third prize, which is an invitation to watch the first team train at B&L and then have lunch with them afterwards. What I can't understand is why this is the third prize? For anyone who is mad about the blues (do...
  16. twobob

    FourFourTwo magazine

    I'm after some help. I've been contributing the occasional comments to FourFourTwo magazine and I've been asked for the best 3 players in League 2.As I'm pretty poor at remembering who I think has played well for the opposition I'd be grateful if I could have some suggestions, name & club and...
  17. Worst Stewards?

    I've seen all over the League 2 page on Facebook, away fans complaining that we have the worst stewards in the league. This baffles me, purely because they don't do too much in the away end, or anywhere else in the ground for that matter (mainly because we're all well behaved :smile:) Our...
  18. Ricey

    Players Wages - When will it end?

    Just read in the papers that Wayne Rooney is about to sign a contract worth £300,000 a week! That is an incredible amount and absolutely ridiculous. At what point are the. FA, FIFA, UEFA or whoever going to say "hmmm, this is actually getting a bit silly now maybe we should limit this". I...
  19. Supa Shrimpa

    Bluuuueee Arrrrmmmmy v Hull !!!

    Can I suggest we encourage everybody to wear blue on Saturday (as opposed to wearing our away shirt - for obvious reasons). It would be fantastic for our lads to see three sides of the stadium covered in a sea of blue as they enter the field of play. ...and to all the youngsters out there...
  20. Uncle Leo

    Universally liked and respected groups

    I've never got people who say "I don't like The Beatles". The range of their work is such that there is surely something for everyone. Anyhow, there are people out there who don't like them. Are there any bands out there that no-one dislikes? And that have critical acclaim too? The Clash seem...