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  1. Smiffy

    Breaking News The Blue Voice v Macclesfield...

    Yes that's right "THE BLUE VOICE".....that is every single one of you at Roots Hall this Saturday. We are the 12th man. We can make things happen. We can influence things. We can provide that extra spark of adrenalin for our boys on that pitch. We can help them to achieve the unachievable...
  2. North Bank @That Big Stadium up in 'The Smoke'?

    Now we are only 2 matches from That Big Stadium up in the Smoke , I started thinking about our first 2 visits to Cardiff. 20,000 fans, but no songs - because all the vocal support were scattered throughout occasional supporters on a day trip. To get any atmosphere at That Big Stadium up in the...
  3. Hanger On!!

    Having read the forum over my lunch for longer than I care to remember, I already feel like I know all the characters even though this is my first post. Was a season ticket holder for over 20 yrs but let it lapse a couple of years ago at the height of the RM shenanigans. Whilst personally...
  4. Smiffy

    Fans Group - Name Change? - You Decide - PLEASE VOTE!!

    So a few of us have thought that The Blue Voice name and overall operation has become a little stale. As such a name change maybe in order, to tie in with a re-launch next season. We are also working hard to secure the North Bank again on a permanent (depending on away numbers) basis next...
  5. Smiffy

    Logo Design Needed!

    As part of a slight re-brand and re-launch of The Blue Voice, we have decided we need a new logo. So who would like to design us a new logo, to go on our new website/flags & future merchandise etc? It would need to include the text "The Blue Voice" and "S.U.F.C" but other than that be as...
  6. Voice of reason

    Hi all after a couple of years just reading the zone i thought id take the plunge. Been following the blues since the late 60s in the days of the mighty Billy Best who is still my favourite ever player and have seen it all in that time. Can honestly say ive made some great mates in that time and...
  7. Smiffy

    Blue Voice/Fans Group - Re-launch?...

    Is it time for TBV to make a comeback? - perhaps slightly re-branded, with a renewed focus and direction. Would you welcome it and would you support it? Is a fans group focussed on improving the atmosphere needed at RH and eventually (maybe) FF? Are any of you willing to get involved and help...
  8. Kevin Hogg

    Home Form...no real suprise?

    Having posed a question on the forum today as well as poking my nose into other interesting threads - I have to say that the huge gulf in opinions on here (no bad thing) does lead to verbal jousting. Myself being easily sucked into that too..having entered with the express aim of not doing so...
  9. Kevin Hogg

    Ron Martin.

    Firstly, please appreciate I expect a barrage coming my way. However, I have to ask. As I have been mostly living abroad in the recent past (am back home in Southend wheeheeyy) I have followed The Shrimpers from afar. I see results, read match reports and new items and keep up with the gossip...
  10. Cricko

    Any budding journalists out there?

    Hi John, Appreciate your help on this, Southend fans are proving one of the hardest to find so far. Cheers, Aidan I am looking for a Southend supporter who would be interested in representing the Shrimpers on an established football site by writing unique content on a regularly basis...
  11. Tommy2holes

    Pre-Match Thread The biggest game of the season so far... Blues v Swindon

    We have now starting nudging the business end of the season and the time has come to show what we are made of. Next tuesday we welcome a very in form swindon town managed by ex wet spam pantomine villain di canio. Its fair to say that what was once a 3 horse race between Crawley ourselves and...
  12. shrimperjon

    W block and the Blue Voice

    I would first like to say that in no way am i criticising the Blue Voice, i would like to make a few points and ask a few questions. My reasoning behind this thread has come about from watching last nights Palace v Cardiff game and the atmosphere created initially by the Cardiff fans but more...
  13. Strike Force

    10 volunteers needed next Monday Eve for TV Show...

    Guys, the TV show I work for want to do a piece where a load of football fans sing some football songs in our studio - or in a London location, next Monday or Tuesday, in the evening in London. Would a few of you be up for coming up to London and singing some songs? We will buy you a new drum...
  14. southend4ever

    The True Warrior

    I am genuinely excited to see Southend’s response to our first loss in 17 games. I believe the next 5 games will tell us an awful lot about the character we have in the squad. It goes without saying that a 17 game unbeaten run displays the true quality of the team but I believe the next 5 games...
  15. shrimperhosk

    Matt Harrold 'stronger' after "miserable" Southend stint

    I really hope he has a poor game but sometime tells me yet again he will score against us? also i doubt after his "miserable" stint here he got better he just joined lower league teams BBC Link http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/15887817.stm
  16. Memory Lane How the Hell Did We Win That? (League Games Only)

    Couldn't sleep last night and my mind started drifting back. I started thinking about Southend performances that just shouldn't have happened. Who else has not gone to a game knowing full well there is absolutely no chance of us getting a result, then heard the score and found out we have defied...
  17. Clinton Baptiste

    Stone Roses to reform?

    So its heavily rumoured that the Stone Roses will announce a reunion tomorrow? What do people think? Anyone see them first time round? Obviously money talks but I dont see it as a bad thing. The only worry is Ian Browns voice which has never been the greatest. Their debut is a classic and I...
  18. Cricko

    Morecambe Mania

    Unfortunately our intrepid leader Smiffy has decided that his belated Honeymoon was more important than attending this game, shocking behaviour if you ask me, but alas we mere mortals are left to raise the spirits for Saturday. He has written this: As we are sure you are aware, the Southend v...
  19. Shrimpergarry

    Breaking News The Black List 2011

    The Voice has just published its "Black List" which recognises the achievements of the black community across all levels of football. There are no less than four ex-blues players on the list http://bit.ly/qKpn3v - three of them are easy to spot as they are legends, the fourth is, er, not!
  20. Cricko

    Breaking News Morecambe home game

    All tickets for the home game against Morecambe are now £5. Thats adults, concessions, children - EVERYONE! http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/TicketNewsDetail/0,,10444~2471355,00.html Lovin the pic :smiles:and the appreciation of the fans.