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  1. pringlejon

    After Torquay (H)

    With an overall average score of 7.35, Southend triumphed by 2 goals to 1 over the only team to previously hold a 100% start to the season (An overall score which was 0.12 greater than the Bradford game). An outstanding performance from Josh Simpson, including a cracking strike from outside...
  2. Jack The Flag

    The Blue Voice Atmosphere v Torquay

    TrueBlue asked me to write this and a video of today will be uploaded tomorrow. Today atmosphere, well what can you say! :happy: It was superb, we sang our hearts out for 90 minutes and it seems to have paid off. TrueBlue kept it going along with Smiffy fabulous drumming skills, One note ...
  3. Bluesmanager

    Leicester Fans Threatened With Ejection and Banning

    Just heard on my Twitter feed that the Leicester fan group that's similar to our own Blue Voice has been threatened with the above. Ten page thread on a LCFC forum on the topic (which is the main source of the news, sadly, not for lack of trying on the fans' part. Pretty certain they're trying...
  4. Jack The Flag

    Saturdays Game V Port Vale, Crowd and Atmosphere

    Saturdays game against Port Vale Sure the attendance will be even lower, with it being on during the V Festival. Lets try and get a cracking atmosphere going all round the ground, and be nice to see some new faces in the Blue voice :support: section rather than the usual 50 or so. So get...
  5. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 2 - GlasgowSUFC

    This week, Ricardo from Glasgow takes time to answer some questions on being exiled from Southend. Above is him at the Mill. Stad, 2005. 1) How long have you been an exile? A) I haven’t actually lived in Essex for over 20 years now but only have classed myself as a true exile for the 8...
  6. Irish_Shrimper

    Col U, the very wet Irish, and SZ rogues gallery

    Saturday started off as any other of our travels over to see Southend: Leaving for the airport at 4am. Conditions were cold, but no rain. Yet. Arrived at the very rain swept Stansted at 7:55am to grab the bus later to Southend, and got dropped off on Victoria Avenue at 10:50. Rain was so bad...
  7. DoDTS

    Good Home Support

    The following is a report of a Cup game against Blackpool in 1921, Blackpool were top of the Second Division, we were were in our first season in the league and struggking: The Blackpool team travelled down from Lancashire on Friday, but arrived in Southend for lunch Saturday, accompanied by...
  8. Interpol Shrimper

    Official SZ Match Report - Huddersfield Town

    I think Matt & James are otherwise detained today, so I am just going to post my report as a thread on here (instead of it being uploaded to the main page - for the time being!)
  9. Irish_Shrimper

    Forest, the Blue Voice, and the Irish

    Just got back to Limerick this evening after the match last night - very bleary eyed after a long journey! Enjoyed the game, thought Forest weren't really all that at all, and we should have beaten them by more. Kanu took his goal very well - but i was very disappointed by the defending for the...
  10. Southminster_Shrimper

    The Blue Voice Article - Forest Match Programme

    Did anyone see the article in the Forest Matchday Programme this evening? Just wondered what you thought of it, if you did....? I thought it was quite an eye catching two pager (not just for the pic lol, although it helped). Decent use of the logo we know and also the graphics aswell. Quite...
  11. The Blue Voice Relocation

    The Blue Voice in my opinion should relocate to the South upper by the corner of the west/south. There are a group of fans there who are loud and on big occasions along with the family stand make a lot of noise. Add to this the blue voice with drums and flags waving i think this location would...
  12. TBV?! We are all TBV!

    Leaving my blood pressure aside for a moment! We are all The Blue Voice. Yes it was quiet & we took a while to get going, but it seem's to be like singing in church (lol!) who will go first and keep it up eh!? I am trying to get my kids involved as well as they enjoy the fun of it but miss...
  13. TBV?! We are all TBV!

    Leaving my blood pressure aside for a moment! We are all The Blue Voice. Yes it was quiet & we took a while to get going, but it seem's to be like singing in church (lol!) who will go first and keep it up eh!? I am trying to get my kids involved as well as they enjoy the fun of it but miss...
  14. Ow my god.......Just read reag through a thread on here

    Ow my god.......Just read through a thread on here I am sitting here with my wife trying to explain the Thread "Boo Boys" She does not get it at all and frankly neither do I. I tried to explain to her that Football is an emotive subject and that not only rival supporters fall out but also...
  15. ShrimplyTheBest

    Boo Boys

    Great turnaround from the team today... and another vital 3 points!!! The worst thing that can happen these days is to concede an early goal at Roots Hall... all of the sudden the boo boys at the back of whats supposed to be the blue voice were out. "Wheres Eastwoods money gone?!" "Tilson Out"...
  16. Holtspur Shrimper

    Ron On Soccer AM

    Anyone watch him showing thenm round the ground? He mentioned Blue Voice!
  17. Interpol Shrimper

    Flag Ideas for SUFC Exiles. ALL EXILES PLEASE READ!

    I have just sent out an email to everybody on MtS' old distribution list for the SUFC Exiles as well as a number of others on here who expressed an interest in contributing to the production of a SUFC Exiles flag for The Blue Voice. If you are still interested but for whatever reasons I have...
  18. Southminster_Shrimper

    Southend Ladies v Beacon Hill Ladies (Match Report)

    Match: Southend Utd Ladies vs Beacon Hill Ladies Venue: Eastwoodbury Lane, Southend Kickoff: 1:30pm Conditions: Cold and Windy SZ Reps: “bluesbloke” and “Southminster_Shrimper” Match Report: "Southminster_Shrimper" On a very cold and windy day at Eastwoodbury Lane...
  19. CC51DAS

    On the bright side..

    Got back to my car and the wheels were still on it Team coach stoned (apparantly) but no-one hurt Crap ref - but no red or booking for Macca or Bailey 2000+ Blues fans in good voice - always a sight to behold 2 in 2 for Lee Barnard - we now have a "poacher" Leeds lost - again - gonna...
  20. Barracked by Leeds fans, and then.........

    Just got back from seeing Alison Moyet in York City last night. Me and Mrs AS were 5 rows back surrounded by Leeds fans, (I guess due to the close vicinity of the 2 city's). And there was little old me in my Southend shirt.....(a throw back from last season with Eastwood on the back of it), so...