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  1. Bikers heading to Southend

    The 17th annual Southend biker Shakedown will depart from The Ace Cafe Stonebridge, in north-west London, at 10.30am. The fundraiser will see hundreds of bikers arrive at Southend seafront for a family-focused day out. Now the trouble with this is that it raises thousands for mainly childrens...
  2. wiggy

    Traffic Wardens are running the zone....where have our threads gone?

    Waste of time posting...Zone rip!
  3. The Craziest Parking Ticket you got or heard of.

    Lorry driver Michael Collins was on his way to collect a skip in London's Belsize Park when the road beneath him collapsed. A burst water main had created a deep hole where the front wheels of his 17-tonne lorry were stuck. While he was waiting for roadside assistance, a traffic warden appeared...
  4. Monster Raving Loony Party

    Points to consider... Iraq. Polcy on Iraq: Since Iraq needs to have a proper infrastructure before they can run their own country, I propose we send our traffic wardens out to Iraq to give tickets to American Jeeps and Tanks illegally parked thereby raising much needed revenue for the Iraq...
  5. Parking at Lego Stadium -- Go by TZ Coaches.

    Just been on the Col Ewe forum and amongst the threads about their great non-victory today there is concern that traffic wardens booked 300 cars as the industrial estate car park was closed. Watch where you park next month when we visit. You have been warned, the traffic Gestapo are after...
  6. Davros

    Paying to Park - Daylight Robbery

    Now, before i name and shame two places i think are disgaceful, i think it is important to point out that i havent got anything against paying to park in general, and that we should pay for facilities we use... however, the two below cases i feel are pure profitering money grabbing.. 1. Alton...
  7. The Big Shrimp

    Civic Centre Car Park

    For those of you like me who used the above mentioned car park last season & before, how many saw the blatant p!ss take by our penny pinching council? They have now introduced parking fees for what used to be a free car park. The new fees go: 1 hour 80p, 2 hours £1.50, 4 hours £4.00! I might...
  8. J


    Ok, i will warn you now, this is gonna be a long post. It has all originated from a lengthy discussion i had today when i was at lunch with one of my best mates. He's just come back from his 2nd tour of Afghan and has done 1 tour in Iraq. He has been in the army 4 years, so pretty much has had 6...
  9. Desert Shrimper

    Music you hate and why.....

    Recently I've come to the conclusion that the current batch of music we get fed day to day (i.e. stuff that makes the charts/Radio 1's playlist) is total and utter sh**e - as bad as I can ever remember it being. Not wishing to sound like a "things ain't what they used to be" merchant and suggest...
  10. Traffic wardens.

    Simple, should all traffic wardens suffer a nasty, grisly death?
  11. Winkle

    Five things that grip my t**d! What grips yours?

    Is there something that sends you totally insane? Are you able to loose all rational thought over something that may seem trivial to others but to you, sends you over the edge? Honestly I am a very tolerant and passive person but, just lately, I dont no how I have refraind from wanting to smash...
  12. KrustyTheKray

    Ian Huntley tries to commit suicide!

    Why dont they let him try again? I know he's in prison to rot, but it's our tax payers money keeping him in there while he plays his PS2 living the life of riley! Why did the prison wardens have to find him, why didn't they turn a blind eye!
  13. Colchester and proud!

    For those coming by car

    Parking is very limited on the streets around Layer Road these days, and dont be tempted to park where you shouldnt, the local traffic wardens always do the rounds while the game is on and nick loads of unfortunate souls just trying to watch a football game. If you cant park on the road head for...
  14. One night in Leyton

    Well well well he we go people another night with a difference brought to you by MC ****y ****les as Young Run Master Barry the Dog.................................... It all started on dark dark night in stratford myself and my trusty side kick Barry the Dog , met our old mate from Australia...