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  1. Shrimperstrust

    Under 18's Match Report Blues ****-A-Hoop After Friendly Win - Saturday 16th February 2013

    Southend United’s Under-18 side warmed up for their Football League Youth Alliance Cup Southern Section Quarter-Final against Watford by defeating Queens Park Rangers 2-1 in a friendly at Boots & Laces. Rob Craven's match report can be found here.
  2. Jacket left at Chesterfield

    A navy jacket was left in the ground at Chesterfield yesterday, I expect some young lad suddenly felt warmed by the 3 points :smile:, I past it on to the trust as it wasnt anyone who was on the TZ coach and they will have it at their stand in the bar at Roots Hall
  3. canveyshrimper

    Question A New Manager

    Ok, so many have advocated that Sturrock should cop for the Spanish Archer. As I've stated on these pages often enough I've not really warmed to Sturrock, but do recognise that he has taken us from a position of having next to no players to the play offs. That I'd suggest is a fair achievement...
  4. davewebbsbrain

    Have you warmed to the team

    After reading something kentblues posted earlier, it reminded me of a lot of peoples opinions last season saying it didn't feel like their team any more. I have always supported and loved the Blues no matter what, but after the removal of Tilly etc, many didn't feel any affinity with the team...
  5. DTS

    A Southend XI you just didnt like.....

    NO LOANESS PLEASE...Only confirmed players...... Please give me an Southend XI in approx positions of players that you simpy never warmed too. I dont want players we turned on after they left eg Nathan Jones as most people liked him towards then end when he was here. I am looking for players...
  6. Worst Hangover?

    Allright chaps, I am dying here with one of the worst hangovers ive ever had in my life after a night on the scotch and davis with a pal at my apartment, ironed out the whole bottle and get to bed about 5.30am which would have been ok except i had a 8am meeting with a client. I feel like i am...
  7. Adam Barrett

    i spoke to Adam after the match to see how he was and he felt his hamstring go in training on monday, he warmed up with the squad before the brentford game but unfortunatly felt twinges again, my daughter then asked if he will be ok for sat and Adam said it was touch and go, my daughter was then...
  8. Benfleet A1

    The Wet Head Shave.

    I suffer from dry scalp. I have tried everything on the market, chineses herbal remedies, shampoo's, oils, the lot but nothing makes a blind bit of differance. I would walk into a barbers for a razor cut and the very second my head was touched the entire shop would disappear in a Sibierian...
  9. Slipperduke

    Rafa At Boiling Point

    I love this time of the year. It's always mid-July when you first start to feel those tingles of anticipation.. It only ever takes something small to set you off on a glorious meander around the inside of your head, fantasising about the new campaign. The realisation that the first pre-season...
  10. Slipperduke

    Champions League Reports

    Apologies, I've been rushed off my feet this week. Here's both games for you. Is it so inconceivable that Arsenal could end this strangest of seasons as Champions of Europe? Arsene Wenger described his side as 'super-outsiders' before the first leg of their clash with Villarreal, but even after...
  11. Slipperduke

    Villa Fans Need A Reality Check

    The Premier League table has an eerily familiar look, doesn't it? In amongst the excitement of Liverpool's emphatic victory at Old Trafford and the discovery of stardust in the boots of Andrey Arshavin, this was the weekend when Aston Villa finally dipped out of the top four. There can't be many...

    How to start a fight

    My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels. She asked, 'What's on TV?' I said, 'Dust.' And then the fight started... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming...
  13. Slipperduke

    It Could Be Worse, You Could Be Steve

    This is something a little different, it's for a magazine given to professional footballers. I'd be interested to know what you think. Football, as you'll probably know better than me, is a game of stark contrasts, subject to swift changes that are rarely polite enough to warn of their...
  14. Slipperduke

    Scolari Glad of 'Ugly' Chelsea

    Don't worry, they can still win ugly. Chelsea may have proved this season that they're capable of playing breathtaking football, but they needed a reprisal of the hard-working, tough-tackling days of Jose Mourinho in order to overturn Roma at Stamford Bridge last night. The Italians arrived in...
  15. Maher set to rejoin Shrimpers on loan?

    Rumours circulating that KingKev is set to rejoin Southend on loan, after finding life tough up north. Maher has missed training several times, also missing a reserve game this midweek, he started the first game of the season, but since warmed the bench, before being dropped from the matchday 16...
  16. duncan bulgaria

    Have you been Watching that little event that comes round every four years .

    Well seeing as we couldn't play nicely in the previous thread of are you watching , i thought i'd ask a slightly more nicer question for us all to lose the plot over ............have you been watching the Olympics ?? I have , bloody good viewing too , which has not even warmed up yet to the big...
  17. Bexley Blue


    The Excuse - Joke The wife came home early and found her husband in their bedroom making love to a very attractive young woman and was somewhat upset. 'You are a disrespectful pig!' she cried. 'How dare you do this to me -- a faithful wife, the mother of your children! I'm leaving you. I want...
  18. An ode to Mark Gower

    Pretty shoddy attempt, can anyone come up with something better? :) The day he signed from Barnet we said 'who the hell is he?', Another rubbish has been? Those thoughts soon turned to glee, A debut to remember, the first Mark wonder goal, 41 would follow, They warmed us in the cold, He...
  19. The Big Dady


    Well the alarm on my mobile phone has just gone off, after setting it some days ago, to make sure I get up really early for our big day at Wembley. Shower, brush my teeth, shave, and put on my jeans and my Southend shirt that has been hanging up all nice and pressed since our return from our...
  20. Slipperduke

    Hounds of Hell

    I used to get these horrible recurring nightmares when I was a teenager. It was every single evening and it was absolutely terrifying. I’d drift off and be transported to a cold, dark forest where I was being chased by a pack of dogs. The dogs were so real and no matter how fast I ran, I could...