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  1. Ricky Otto

    Your Non-football sporting hero?

    We were discussing at work our sporting heroes and it was pretty much all footballers and from the clubs we support, which was a bit boring and predictable. So then we changed it to "non-football" and it was really quite interesting. So lets hear your non-football sporting heroes and the reason...
  2. Rootshallbloke

    And they're off to Spain

    Complete with hairdryers, skin conditioners and all the other stuff that modern footballers need for a few days away, our glorious warriors are off to sunny Espana complete with Lenny. So he's not gone to Sheffield yet then.
  3. Byron Burger VS Bleeding Heart Liberals

    For those who aren't aware... A food chain called Byron Burger, have been facing the wrath of wet lettuces over the last few days, culminating in a big protest against them, which is happening as we speak, at their Holborn branch, which has forced the shop to shut. Over the weekend, an...
  4. Blueronron

    Warning for all you Cyber Warriors against the club owners

    See Blackpool owners have won £ 20,000 against a Blackpool fan, who decided to post defamatory comments about them on a web site Mods are very hot on this, but beware when behind a key board giving it large and thinking how big you are UTS
  5. Phil and his dodgy win ratio

    His overall record as manager is under 30% and his time at this club is 11%!,1 win from 8 does not forebode well and I honestly believe next season if the club reach the dizzy heights of mid table it would be a credible achievement yet I suspect we could easily be in trouble at the wrong end of...
  6. Uncle Leo

    The Greatest Game returns to Southend

    I imagine the Wigan Warriors and Leeds Rhinos will be sleeping a little less easy in their beds now http://www.londonrugbyleague.co.uk/news/article/rugby-league-returns-to-southend
  7. Tie #1: The Warriors (MK) v Anchorman (Blues R Best)

    First tie of the last 16 is an all 70's battle.
  8. Last 16 draw

    The Warriors v Anchorman The Spy Who Loved Me v The Goonies Total Recall v Kevin & Perry Go Large Trading Places v Waynes World Zulu v Airplane :omg: Twin Town v Crocodile Dundee Wild Geese v Halloween Pink Panther v The Blues Brothers
  9. Tie 6: Missing in Action (Rusty S) v The Warriors (MK)

    Tie 6 brings a quite frankly awful film vs a cult classic of epic proportions.... :winking:
  10. Battle of the Slightly Average films...first round draw.

    Taken - Pringlejon v Airplane - Yorkshire Blue Crocodile Dundee - Marvel315 v Death at a Funeral - Eastblack The Spy Who Loved Me- Napster v E.T. - Wife of Samurai Blue Goldeneye - Billericay Blue v Trading Places - LdnFasto The Pink Panther - Big Shrimp v Jackass The Movie - Sammyboy...
  11. OldBlueLady

    Closure of the Live Chat thread

    Well, as I understand it, the decision has been taken to close the Live Chat thread. I won't begin to even attempt to understand why something so innocuous provoked such an anti feeling amongst so many, was it because they were somehow threatened by the good natured banter that went on and...
  12. Slipperduke

    A Big Cheer For Little Clubs

    Bit of a new one this, it's for the Irish Examiner's football supplement, currently rolling off the presses as I type. Bit more wordy than the usual fare and with more Anglo-centric references. Anyway, give it a go and let me know what you think, it helps to have feedback with new stuff... If...
  13. canveyshrimper

    Striker in The Sun

    Apart from the obvious attraction of Page 3, the only reason I look at the Sun is to see the latest adventures of Nick Jarvis and Warbury Warriors, however it seems to have disappeared recently. Any ideas what has happened to it?
  14. Charlie Brooker

    Just how do they put him on Tuesday nights, when idiots like Jimmy Carr and Alan Carr occupy the prime time slots for Channel 4? Anybody who isn't watching his latest show on C4 tonight is missing out. That feature on America's "Deadliest Warriors" was hilarious :D
  15. duncan bulgaria

    Hatton v The pacman

    So here we go then chaps , one day to go until another potential classic fight between 2 warriors of the ring , both fantastic at what they do in terms of their own style , Hatton with his all out action / attacking style , he will try and smoother Manny but for me although it pains me to say it...
  16. Slipperduke

    Woeful Reds Ravaged By Redknapp

    The Tottenham Hotspur revival continues. Not content with robbing Liverpool blind in the League ten days ago, Harry Redknapp's resurgent warriors battered them in the League Cup as well. This emphatic and fully deserved 4-2 victory means that the North London side have racked up an astonishing...
  17. Mr Gilbo

    Radio 2 last night

    Was listening to Radio 2 for all of 5 mins on a drive to friends house and they were discussing rugby league names. such as the wigan warriors, leeds rhinos etc. suddenly the presenter dropped southend's name into the ring saying that it wouldn't work in football especially as our nickname is...
  18. Mick McCarthy to Korea

    Can't believe McCarthy is up for this ...... McCARTHY SET FOR KOREA CHANGE? Wolves manager Mick McCarthy or former Lyon coach Gerard Houllier are set to be unveiled as the new coach of South Korea, the Korea Football Association announced today. The Taeguk Warriors have been searching for a new...
  19. Leeds United V Southend

    Posted this yesterday under the wrong section, may get a little response here!! Hi, trying to get some good humoured banter going between the opposition teams we face this season, had a few on from Tranmere this week- all light hearted and clean ( no key board warriors) so if you fancy joining...
  20. Leeds United V Southend United

    Hi, trying to get some good humoured banter going between the opposition teams we face this season, had a few on from Tranmere this week- all light hearted and clean ( no key board warriors) so if you fancy joining up and airing your views about the forth coming fixture and any other footballing...