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  1. Biggest animal that you've killed

    Mine is probably a large fish that I caught (I'm not into fishing). Wasn't particularly pleasant, just smacked it on the floor of the boat. Anyone got any interesting stories?
  2. Sturrock to Plymouth or any Scottish club who sacks a manager

    Apparently it was Mr Brent , the man trying to buy Plymouth, who instructed Peter Ridsdale to sack Peter Reid. This I was told by a relative who lives in Devon. Now just been on the footie rumours site and there is a posting of this happening and have assurances this wasn't written by my...
  3. OldBlueLady

    TV Highlights Southend v Plymouth

    At 1.03.06.......keeper almost got to the penalty which wasn't so obvious at the time. Clear sending off for me, the guy had Timlin by the throat!
  4. shaneyshrimper

    Players reaction after the whistle!!

    Some may agree with me about last saturdays game against Northampton. But did anyone see the reaction of the players after the game. Finally a draw wasnt good enough for us and they knew it. Proud to see them hurt in that way as that game meant something and we should have won. Went home with...
  5. wiggy

    Why does Sturrock hate Sawyer....?

    Wasn't pulling up trees in the first half, no better and no worse than anyone else. And then off comes Sawyer for the very ineffective Hall. Everyones MOM Saturday yet again he can't wait to whip him off and hang on for a desperate win. Wish he'd put us out of our misery and declare why he...
  6. Football League Magazine

    Hello, We are a new, free online magazine dedicated to the Football League. We started because we felt there wasn't enough quality writing dedicated to the league and wanted to remedy this. We now have our first issue out, please give it a read! www.stayingup.co.uk Thanks!
  7. OldBlueLady

    Rioting in London over the last few night

    Surprisingly, I can't see any discussion on the rioting that's gone on in Tottenham, Enfield and now south of the river over the last few nights. Unsurprisingly, I hear the bleeding hearts have already been out in the media moaning about police brutality. As I see it, the man police originally...
  8. fbm


    Heard he came on today... Wasn't he suspended?
  9. ldnfatso

    Scotland and the true cost

    Now is the time to prove the Scotland trip wasn't a waste of both club and Trust's money. The money donated was in the hope that we had a decent start to the season and would help throughout the campaign. I admittedly was against the idea and thought it was a waste of money. Now's the time to...
  10. Strykr

    Echo RSS Feeds

    Wasnt sure where to put this? so apols if in the wrong place, Im really liking the RSS echo feeds, expecially as i dont get the echo, but was wondering if they should have there own sticky/section as for me they kind of disrupt the flow of user threads/posts, just a suggestion.
  11. twobob

    Question Matt Paterson

    I see he wasn't in the Oxford squad that played in their match in the USA. Is he not allowed to play as he's under contract to us?