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  1. MrB

    BT20 - Knockout Phase

    SZ bid for BT20 glory begins here. Alperton CC v BATTY SHRIMPERS beccas batters v DIBS DIPPERS General Stars v Bolton Athletics gophers utd v Gambero C.C. Leatherhead Tykes v Pettefershire CCC left arm under v Crabbys Catchers N-Trance shire v Sunderlandski Southend Utd CC v shaw 2 cc Southend...
  2. Pale Blue Dot

    The View From My Window

    Hunt, given the oppostion had a really good game. Yes it was agaist a team from the leauge below but was class today i thought. Charlie Mac: Good player, of course it is/was gonna take time for him to settle and step up to this level but given his recent run in the side looks useful. Matty H...
  3. Southminster_Shrimper

    The Most Bizarre Thread - Index (First 78 Pages)

    An index or a guide..... - Jay Shrimpers New Sex Mad Chick (assistance provided by Playgirl_Bunny) - Essex Girls Being After Just Money (vigorously refuted by Vange_Shrimper) - Romantic Gestures (including flowers, meals out, etc) - The Love Life Of Young Mr Hutton (From Page 5 – surprisingly...
  4. Quiz Time

    There is 15 players who have scored 50 or more goals in the premiership whos surnames end in vowels who are they?
  5. Whos playing tomorrow - is Kev back ?

    or will Sir Steve do the i'm not changing a winning team thing - ? Wickford Shrimpers input would be appreciated .....
  6. whos starting tomorrow ?

    whos starting tomorrow - and whos on the bench - its says everyones fit on tne OS - Hammell ? Francis ? Eric ? Matty ? Charlie M ? Richards, Barrett, Clarke ???
  7. grayhound

    Saturday 6th October Marlborough Head

    Anyone whos fancies a bit of a indie night. This Saturday (the 6th October) - The Good Times @ 8pm Been discribed as: "Like the Jam meeting The Rakes down in a tube station at midnight. Indie punk with plenty of charm" A few of there songs on there my space which is...
  8. shrimper_sam

    Blackpool away

    I do believe i shall be there. Hopefully this time i go, i dont have a pint spilt all over me! So Whos going then? How many coach's do you reckon we will take?( i'm hoping more then one!!) I reckon we will win this 1-0 with Nicky Bailey getting on the scoresheet in front of 5,051 supporters...
  9. Neil Warnock

    Get him in, some one whos knows how to build a squad with no money, scarboro, notts county, every team he managed got promoted and been to a wembley final, all with little money, lets face it ron dont give much out by the look of it got a great record in lower leagues!!! we got some good...
  10. New Strikers....Who's first for the boo boys

    O.K We have two new strikers. Both young and both have potential. Whos going to get the boo boys on their backs first? ;)
  11. Davros

    One to start the weekend (week 25)

    Take a 1979 electro hit, squeak it up a bit, add some random 'MC'ing' from a bloke named after a favourite sauce (HP), and some techno over the top, and what do you have? Well, the 12STW for this week for starters, but also a 2002 number 2, that defied heavy critisism from many corners to...
  12. Black

    Ok I was not at the game but have seen him come on as a sub against cheltenham and west ham...Hes was very good. Everyone else has been raving about him when he comes on, and how he just needs to get a tiny bit more fitness before he starts a game. But whos place will he take? Today Bailey...
  13. Davros

    One to start the weekend (week 21)

    A very very much so change of pace, and even genre this week takes us into a rappy direction. This 1992 tune, undoubtebly a classic, hails from a group whos three members come from Latvia, New York and Ireland, and was produced by New Yorker, DJ Muggs, and is one i like to play at party's etc...
  14. Winkle

    Sam Parkin!

    Well, keep it under your hat and all that but , my sisters brother (me) noes a a ex West ham supprters mates mum who (apart from the odd home massage) does abit of home clothes alteration. What it is that she has had a request from a very reliable source ( smelly victor down the seafront whos...
  15. MrB

    SZ BT Cup - Week 3

    Premier League ShrimperZone CC v Crabbys Catchers Old Chelmsfordians v Southend Southend United v Whos your Daddy Division 1 BATTY SHRIMPERS v General Stars N-Trance shire v DIBS DIPPERS Essex Javelins v Southend Utd CC Division 2 Ateneintenn XI v Batricians of Malvern Muppet XI v Ath Chorley...
  16. Blueeyedboy

    Todays training

    Not able to get over to Gloucester Park myself today, wondered if anyone is going? If so if Eastwood, Paynter, Hooper etc are there. Will give us some idea whos staying/leaving.:)
  17. MrB

    SZ BT Cup - Week 2

    Premier League Crabbys Catchers v Old Chelmsfordians - Crabbys Catchers win by 9 wickets ShrimperZone CC v Southend United - Southend United win by walkover Southend v Whos your Daddy - Whos your Daddy win by walkover Division 1 Essex Javelins v BATTY SHRIMPERS - Essex Javelins win by 268...
  18. MrB

    Batstats Ratings

    According to the site here are our rankings in England: 11....155..Geoff_Boycotts_Grandmother XI - II.1 75....133..ShrimperZone CC - IV.53 94....129..Southend United - IV.56 107..127..Gambero C.C. - III.7 193..117..Whos your Daddy - IV.11 221..114..General Stars - IV.2 225..113..Southend -...
  19. CSBLUE

    Cream or Green?

    Building a website and have noticed that my cream table appears to be green on my friends pc! No idea why this is, at first I thought it may have something to do with my browser. However, on my pc the table is cream in both firefox and IE and on my friends pc its green in both...
  20. Jay_Shrimper

    Updated Transfer Thingys...

    Is there a site which has a list of updated confirmed transfers? Instead of looking all over the net to find whos been sold where is there just one site which has it all listed? Would be good to have. :D