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  1. RHB

    Southend Energy

    Some friends of ours have just changed over from their current energy provider (gas and electricity) to Southend Energy and reckon they are saving money as a result. I've had a look at the company on the web and have lifted the bit below. Anyone already done this, and are they any good...
  2. Yorkshire Blue

    Silverwood named as Essex coach

    Those of us thinking a new broom was needed will be sorely disappointed that this opportunity has been missed, but I wish him all the best. My sources tell me he has some very different ideas to Grayson and that the delay was because the club were aware how terrible it would look appointing...
  3. Just a heartfelt and massive thank you

    I'm a Hull City fan living close to Scunthorpe, an ex steelworker of getting on for 40 years; I just got back from my local where my Scunny supporting friends have told me that the travelling fans of Southend had a whipround on their coaches for the steelworkers fighting fund. As a football fan...
  4. Chalky

    Northampton town trust crowd fund

    If anyone wants to do their good deed for today heres your chance. Northampton Town trust have set up a crowd funding page in the hope of raising £100,000 to give the club some breathing space somewhat. Or help pay a bill. Im not entirely sure but I know if they reach the target it will help the...
  5. yogi bear up the cagire

    Chris phillips

    Very sorry to hear that Chris Phillips ended up in Basildon Hospital yesterday evening, presumably following a malaise at work. The news was communicated by himself via a tweet and selfie (of his socked legs on a hospital gurney)............. ...............100% reporter!:smile: Hopefully this...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Happy Wedding Day

    I know we've had many a difference over the years, but I'd like to wish our own Trueblue and the soon to be Mrs Trueblue, all the best on their wedding day today. Hope you'll have a day full of happy memories by the end of the day!
  7. Daniel Bentley - The Ongoing Transfer Saga

    Bumped into Daniel l night in my local asda store (SWF) had a chat with him ref transfer. He stated it was all down to the club if he stays or goes. I thanked for taking the time to talk to me, he is a nice guy, not big headed etc. I wish him the best of luck for his footballing future
  8. Custom FIFA 16 cover

    Evening lads, I've made a custom cover for this year's FIFA and the response so far has been great! Just, it's a West Ham one.... I'm looking to do a cover for this year's game for a lot more clubs after the response for this one has been so good. I'm just really finding it difficult to find...
  9. Pak Power

    Alan Moody

    Sadly learned today, that Alan has had both his legs removed due to circulation issues. He is a scratch golfer, and I think went on to earn his living at a golf club after football. He was a good servant for our club, and for those of us old enough to remember him, was a fine player. I would...
  10. Shrimpers are Magic

    Is the pot empty again?

    Don't wish to sound like a bleating idiot but am I the only one thinking there's not a lot of cash this time round ? Just been promoted - all over the telly - pretty high profile manager signing up for further 3 years but it seems we are struggling to hold on to players. Would have thought they...
  11. Cricko

    TravelZone Coaches to Wembley

    With Wino away climbing some small hill, arrangements are taking place. To start with Fran and Ken will be about tomorrow in The Spread from 11 until 3 for those who wish to book seats... :thumbsup:
  12. DoDTS

    WEMBLEY Tickets

    Woops! I've posted this on the wrong forum, it should have been on the Away Travel forum. This Wembley fever is a terrible thing well might as well leave it where it is! I'm sure that this has/will be posted or quoted numerous times but I will leave here as a sticky for easy reference...
  13. OldBlueLady

    Safe journeying

    As I know the team are travelling today, many others will also be making their way up to the North West, just wanted to wish everyone a very safe journey, and don't forget those roadworks! 24 hours time and the coaches will be on the road too - excitement is building!
  14. Battle Cries Looming so...

    Its time to vacate your forum till after Saturday . You have all made me feel very welcome and you are a lovely bunch of people After the game that never was I have a lot of time for Southend as the way both sets of fans applauded each other was how football at the lower leagues should be ...
  15. superblue24


    Not that I wish to moan on a day of positives, but who were the idiots who spoiled the silence before kick off!?!? I hope it was none of our lot, although it sounded like it was eminating from somewhere around W!!! Wouldn't have cost anything to show a bit of respect and those who were making...
  16. Bury fan in peace

    Good Evening and congratulations on your win this afternoon I'm glad both our teams have leapfrogged Wycombe It comes down to next week and I wish you all the best Fear not which ever team finishes 4th . I think they will be playoff Champions I make your lot favorites ( Obviously )
  17. What achievable improvements would you like to see?

    As you may recall, I attended a Supporters Groups Forum on behalf of the Zone a little while back, instigated by the Shrimpers Trust. At that meeting we discussed getting together a 'shopping/wish list' of things that the supporters in general feel could improve their experience of supporting...
  18. ms brush

    Mark Bentley

    Was confirmed as the new manager at Grays Athletic a few days ago. Was interviewed on BBC Essex last night, and cited Steve Tilson as the manager who he aspires to follow, as ST is laid back and was good to work with as a player. Says he loves coaching, and is looking forward to the challenges...
  19. last post for 6 weeks

    This is my last post until the end of March,as im off on vacation for 6 1/2 weeks,many will be glad others wont care ,but never the less i wish you all good health and great results,I wish SUFC great results and hopefully on my return i can find the club firmly entrenched in the top 3,the least...
  20. Pre-Match Thread Shrewsbury Town vs Southend United

    Another BIG away game and we MUST do better than we did at WW (when they were table toppers). Pleasant new stadium, good away end, fair stewards, ok pies; I wish I could be there. However more importantly what will Mr B do? Will he stay with the same line up? We don't have any new injuries that...