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  1. pickledseal


    I thought my fellow anti-BNP friends would enjoy my friends take on BNP and UKIP leaflets for the Euro-Elections: "This evening as I settle down to more work, I choose to not not respond to the provocation of European election flyers from the UK Independence Party and the British National...
  2. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Happy Tax Free Day

    Happy Tax Free Day to one and all After working for the extremely honest and trustworthy government for the past five and a half months, you are now earning your money for YOU, enjoy it!!!! Feel free to turn this in to a Politician bashing thread if you feel the need with suggested songs...
  3. maninasuitcase

    Shrimperzone copyright?

    I didn't know where to post this. But doing a google search for ex shrimpers tonight a article poped up about 3 ex shrimpers being given p45s on the little gazette site, which I rarely visit. I was quite surprised to see my Leon Constantine post made two days ago reproduced word for word by...
  4. Slipperduke

    Don't Panic, Arsene

    As dawn broke on the morning after the worst night of his career, I wonder what Arsene Wenger was doing. For some reason, I imagine him stood at the back door of his house, watching the sun rise slowly over his dew-drenched garden, sipping coffee and shaking his head pensively, wondering what...
  5. fbm

    Can the club ever win?

    Well, as we near the end of another season, it is yet again time for reflection on what has been, what might have been, looking forward to what will be and - for a large majority of people - putting on their hindsight googles and viewing how it should have been. In my view we have had yet...
  6. manor15

    Player of the year statistically

    There has been a lot of controversy over who should be player of the year this season as no-one has really stood out but I am going to use statistics to try and find a worthy winner using games played and sub appearances, goals conceded while on the pitch, goals scored, goals conceded per game...
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Paul Clark

    The Viking That alone might be enough words for many on here to vote yes to Paul Clark, but if you weren't fortunate enough to have witnessed his crunching tackles and never say die attitude, I suppose I should give a lengthier bio. The first local player up for election, Clark was born in...
  8. Interpol Shrimper

    Hillsborough anniversary

    Can I ask that we all observe a 2 minute silence (e.g. no posting between 15:06 & 15:08, tomorrow Wednesday 15 April)? I know it's not directly SZ or SUFC related but wanted this post to be seen by all. I feel it's worthy enough of observing, like we have done in the past for Rememberance Day...
  9. Slipperduke

    Super-Outsiders? Not A Chance.

    Villarreal 1-1 Arsenal Senna, 10 Adebayor, 66 If it is true that whatever fails to kill you makes you stronger, then soon Arsenal will be invincible. After the painful grind of a season ruined by injuries and internal dispute, the Gunners are growing as a team, and as men. To come back from...
  10. Andy Gray..

    Is it just me, or does he really get on anybody else's nerves, just been watching the United v Villa game and had to mute it cos he really does mine and my old man's head in. Sometimes we're not sure if he knows what he's talking about, is it just us? I felt this was worthy of my first post...
  11. Slipperduke

    The Damned United

    Quick review as Mrs Slipperduke is waiting to be taken out and treated right. Exceptional. Utterly charming. There's loads of bits that are out of the timeline, loads of quotes that are attributed to the wrong people and loads of absolute fantasy, but after a while you stop caring. Besides...

    PL Weekly Points Round 48

    A lamentable week for many again, with only canveyshrimpers inspired treble of 3-0 Swindon/Cox/Wildcard worthy of mention, putting him in pole position for not only this week but the title itself .. Nobby, Kristof, Emu and adam all share last place with a pitiful 2
  13. Ron Manager

    Hall Of Fame

    Firstly I'd like to point out that this is by no way a dig at the fine work being done in the official SZ Hall Of Fame threads. It's a great idea and I think the rules in place and the democractic process should ensure the right results. However I do find it strange that someone like Ricky...
  14. Winkle

    My Muts habits!

    I everyone, Sorry and all that as I dont get any spare time to post anything worthy or significance to embelish this great forum, but I have a rare day off and was trying to find and answer why, my Monty (44kg black gay labrador) as started eating his own s**t again. He as been on a very strict...
  15. Slipperduke

    Furious Phil Unleashes Hell

    Arsenal 2-1 Hull City (Van Persie, 74) (Barmby, 12) (Gallas, 84) Phil Brown's phone will be red hot by now. In one exhilarating ten minute press conference, the furious Hull City manager unleashed a string of attacks aimed at everyone he deemed responsible for his team's exit. He accused Cesc...

    Semi-Final 1: (What's the Story) Morning Glory vs Nevermind

    Worthy of the final itself, but one must fall before reaching that level Carl and Aberdeen Shrimper .. over to you
  17. SUFC Forever

    Ted Kennedy Given Honorary Knighthood

    Ted Kennedy has been awarded an honorary knighthood by the British government. Why? This is a man who constantly supported the IRA at the height of "The Troubles" and is suspected of using his high ranking Irish mates to raise cash for them via Noraid in the 1970's. He has never been a...
  18. Thorpe Groyney

    Essex Senior League - The Title Goes West?

    A seminal point of the season last night. Following on from Romford's 1-0 win at title rivals Enfield on Saturday, they went to Lower Road last night and, in a real grudge match (due to the home manager's actions when the match was originally postponed) won 2-1 at Hullbridge Sports. At the...
  19. Thorpe Groyney

    Groyne Beside The Seaside For Havens & St. Lukes

    Just to make you chaps and chapesses, on Tuesday, prior to the Southend Manor v Basildon United ESL game, I'll be walking from The Hive to Southchurch Arean to raise funds for both St. Lukes and Havens hospices. If you fancy spending an evening watching local football and contributing to a...
  20. Irish_Shrimper

    The new U2 album

    After listening to the first ten seconds of the new U2 album, No line on the horizon, I deem it worthy of winning the battle of the albums/bands/whatever it is these days.