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  1. BOTB: QF1 - All Quiet on The Western Front (Gt Yar Shr) v Hitchhikers G2TG (Drastic)

    First QF and two very long titles :stunned:
  2. DoDTS

    Shrimper Yarns

    Here's a little yarn anyone remember this: Wycombe Away on Boxing day a few years ago, coming out the ground a couple of lads produced a Col Ewe flag. General looks of disgust soon changed when they started shouting out "P**S on the Col Ewe only 10p a pee", and a queue of lads happily paid...
  3. Xàbia Shrimper

    ¡que lastima!

    There's something very wrong with this football club. I've followed SUFC for more than 30 years and, aside from Anton Johnson's brief suicidal tenure during the first half of the 1980s, I cannot think of a worse position that Southend United finds itself at the moment. Ron Martin might spin a...
  4. Yorkshire Blue

    2010 season

    Ah, spring training. The sound of rubber or cork wrapped in yarn and covered with leather thumping into leather mitts or the rifle crack of corked ash. Ahhh. There is something magical about the phrase "pitchers and catchers report". It sounds so innocent but at the same time so alluring. I'm...
  5. sussex by the sea

    Brighton brawl

    Apologies if this is somewhere else or a similar thread has already been deleted, but the local rag down here in Brighton has 'rival football fans clash in street brawl' at the top of the front page tonight. The story itself on page 5 states; Football fans from opposing clubs hurled bottles at...
  6. Rob Noxious

    On The Road Again

    Every now and then I leave my 'Celtic enclave' in the wild west of Cornwall to support my/our team. I don't get out enough but when I do I try to make the most of it. Following the great stories brought to us by 'Dad of Dave the Shrimper' in his 'My Life As A Shrimper,' I wondered about...
  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Slipper of the Yard

    Wonderful article here by one of my favourite journalists/commentators, Mark Steyn: “He was always affable and very much a gentle giant,” said Bruce Reynolds. “He was one of the old school,” agreed one of Mr Reynolds’ colleagues. Gentlemen publishers? Art dealers? Yes, Mr Reynolds has a...
  8. Bluesmanager

    Are You A April Fool?

    Have you fallen for a prank yet? I, I'm glad to say, have not. Someone tried selling me a Buffy: The Musical yarn, but they did that in season 6, so that was easily spotted.

    Battle of the Sitcoms - Round Two (Heat 7)

    Definately a case of after the Lords Mayor Show for me today, as we follow Fawlty Towers et al with 2 piles of crap, 1 show i've never seen and an enjoyable, if slightly far fetched, time travelling yarn Phoenix Nights (Josh C) vs The Orifice .. sorry, Office (Fatshrimp) :zzzzz::zzzzz:
  10. Winkle

    Cat lovers dont read!

    True story happened today infact. My wifes boss got up late and decided to get a taxi to work as he was in a rush. He was having a right old yarn with the cabbie bloke ,when a cat ran out in front of them and they felt a couple of thuds underneath the car. The cabbie pulled over and they both...
  11. Winkle


    Had a right old yarn with the taxi driver taking me home last night. Turns out he lives in Thailand but comes home to work for four monthes of the year just to earn enough money to go back home and live for the rest of the year. Not all that strange you would think, but I would say he was in...