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  1. The C2C Quiet Zone

    Any one else get on their train to work this morning to find every seat with a leaflet about the C2C quiet zones? i must admit i get annoyed when im trying to read and someones gobbing off next to me, but is putting film on the windows of the quiet zone carriages to block out phone signal a...
  2. Clarky_Blues

    Invasion of Manchester

    I have to say I have never seen anything like this morning in Manchester City Centre with the invasion of Glasgow Rangers. Was advised by my brother-in-law who is in the traffic police for GMP not to drive in to work today with all the road closures around Manchester City Centre to accomodate...
  3. J

    The B.N.P.

    So, they have done extremely well again this year, coming 5th in the london Mayoral Vote. But do we really know the truth about the B.N.P? Have you actually read the manifesto and mission statements? Ok, so they are a bit far right of the middle, but they want the best for this country. In my...
  4. steveo

    Owners doners Zoners

    With the problems the owners have had to suffer this week, I ask how many Zoners contribute in the form of a donation? Probably not any so we have the National tomorrow with probably 40 runners. How about 40 zoners doing a fiver on a horse to win, or 2.50 each way with the proceeds going to the...
  5. OldBlueLady

    Alan Titchmarsh - dirty old man!

    Blimey, just finished my ironing off and caught a bit of Titchmarsh's daytime show where they began talking about the G spot and these two half clad models came on! Titch looked suitably embarrassed but then his guest - "sexpert" (Julie Peasgood - I think she used to be in Emmerdale some time...
  6. DTS

    Jewellery on Men?

    I got the train this morning to work as always but I missed my usual train so had to change at Croydon. Not sure how well you know Croydon but I would describe it as one of Britains worst toliets. The land that time forgot almost. Anyway - crammed onto one of the packed commuter trains and of...
  7. andrew_sthnd

    20mph zones!

    I live in Portsmouth and as some of you may be aware they are aiming to be the first city to implement new driving regulations which would mean a reduction of speed from 30mph to 20mph around residential areas. I live in Southsea and this would be one of the affected areas and I can understand...
  8. Pubs in the London Bridge/Selhurst Park areas

    I'll be stopping for a few refreshments en route tomorrow night - are any pubs at London Bridge/Selhurst Park designated 'Shrimper Zones' for the evening?