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5 Subs now allowed


Well-known member
Aug 2, 2018
Completely agree, we should go back to the first rules from 1863, which included:
  • No crossbar was used and the goal was not specific to a limited height.
  • If a player did catch a high ball, he was rewarded a free kick.
  • If the ball crossed the sideline, the player that first got the ball was rewarded the throw-in.
  • Throw-ins was made with one hand (this was not practiced in Scotland though).
These new fangled crossbars and two handed throw-ins are so wimpy. The first offside rule was fine, only allowing backwards and sideways passes. Now we have these stupid passes going FORWARD!? Bah not proper football.
Jul 14, 2015
Roots Hall
I did hear an idea that you can make 5 substitutions, but only in 3 substitution breaks. I don't know if that has been implemented, but it would go some way to stopping the timewasting.
Thats why they Used in the prem after they came back last season, half time doesn’t count as one of the sub breaks either


Mar 20, 2008
(Was) Back home on the North Bank now back in W.
I'm guessing because too many players are getting injured...although even that doesn't really make sense.

Just thinking outside the box; if it is to help prevent injuries then why not bring in rolling subs?

Used in the NFL, basketball, ice hockey and Aussie Rules.

In Aussie Rules they use a continual rotating system whereby there are 22 players in a squad with 18 on the pitch at any one time. I would suggest in football, 18 in the squad with two designated goalkeepers, that gives you 16 outfield players,10 on the pitch with 6 rotatable outfield players on the bench; just as we have now.
Aussie Rules subs enter and leave the field across a designated 15 metre part of the touchline between the benches. In football we could use the already marked technical areas.
In Aussie Rules the subs are made at any time with no break in play so takes away any time wasting aspect and no time needs to be added. The exception is if a player has to be carried off. Could be easily adopted in football, managers would have to time their substitutions during appropriate passages of play, play could still stop for onfield injury.
In Aussie Rules they have a limit of 90 exchanges per game; a limit could be set in football at an appropriate level and monitored by the fourth official.

Such a system would enable any struggling players to be rotated at any time and the time wasting tactic is removed at a stroke so the ref doesn't have to add time unless for an injury requiring onfield treatment. Would also have the advantage that you could blood younger players without having to expose them to long periods of play if a manager doesn't want to.

As I say, just thinking a bit outside the box.

Very uninteresting fact is that the first season substitutes were allowed in the English game was the season I started watching the Shrimpers,1965/66, and was one substitute to only replace an injured player... Was changed a couple of seasons later after a certain Mr Don Revie became known for getting his players to feign injury for tactical reasons...
Feb 1, 2004
The schedule was known before the season started.

True but I think the clubs have been asking for this for some time and now the EFL have given in with the Premier league likely to follow suit shortly. It will benefit clubs with bigger squads of course, and gives managers more options to change their systems during games. It will also mean players can be given part of a game when they are carrying a slight knock, with (Hopefully!) a choice of several players on the bench to replace them.

Voice of Reason

First XI
Aug 5, 2010
Here at Colchester we love this change, our manager uses his subs regularly in games so it gives us plenty of versatility. We currently have a 1st team squad of 34 although 4 of those are out on loan to other clubs and 4 others are injured, but their injuries are almost healed now. With 7 subs on the bench it gives the chance to give a few extra players a taste of 1st team experience.
Luckily no fans allowed at the moment. Your squad would outnumber them. Sorry couldn't resist it 😂😂😂

Stuart W

A word to the wise is enough
Jul 6, 2009
It might be helpful to us to ease returning players in gently (Hart, Akinola, Macca) - if you're going to give them 45 minutes game time, that's not a problem if you've got 4 other subs available.
I thought we were easing Akinola and Hart in gently. You couldn't get more gentle.

NZamba Legend

Deep-lying playmaker ⭐
Jan 29, 2007
Le Mellotron
WTF...................60's,70's & 80's, one sub, heavier balls, picked up pass backs to Keepers, hard tackles, wet sponges, no VAR, no Goal Line Tech, very little diving, Officials not miked up, no BLM, no politics, no PC, real characters and not wannabes, jumpers for goalposts etc etc etc..............Proper Football. Not this lesser wimpish form of football we now

Funny where a debate about substitutes can take you in these weird times. Why do you associate BLM with wimps? They show a lot more bottle and gumption than most people these days.

in the know

Jun 21, 2016
I thought we were easing Akinola and Hart in gently. You couldn't get more gentle.
I think RM 's hopes of doing some shrouded wheeling and dealing on deregistering and reregistering to facilitate Hart and akinola has unfortunately been found out by the league! I can't see either being registered anytime soon despite what he's probably promised them! Be great if I've heard wrong! Hope so!
Macca is registered but even when fit couldn't previously do more than 45mins. Hes not going to make much difference for us.
It's a rerun of the two Macclesfield lads. Promises that can't be delivered by RM.


Dec 10, 2003
So Harry Seadon could end up as our missing midfield general.


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2018
Not to worry soon it will be like a friendly game where you can put a different team out on the field in the second half .