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The Business
Oct 25, 2003
In a world of my own.
Ladies and Gentleman,

The better half and I have recently brought a new place. We now need to get a new fridge as we left out old one in the old house which we have rented out.

I have decided to open the wallet and let the moths out and were getting an American Style Fridge.

The trousers had wittled it down to two that she likes as follows.



http://www.marksandspencer-applianc...e Freezers - Codes/LG GWL207FLQA-_-GWL207FLQA

Our main criteria is we want one that is stainless steel and has an ice and water machine on the front.

My questions are as follows

1) Anyone got a fridge like this they can recommend
2) Anyone know the difference between the two
3) Anyone know of any super discount code type things

Im useless at all things electircs so if anyone had any ideas/comments they ar welcomed.

Had a quick look online, and they seem pretty similar.

Also, found the GWL207FLQA from Comet, for £705.98, plus there's a voucher code to bring it down to £670.68

Link here
As long as it looks like this inside to make sure it's truly American-style

We were looking at getting one, but gave up on the idea because they're not big enough. We're getting a stand alone fridge and a standalone freezer instead. Might not look as good, but between them they have far more space. Mostly it's the freezer space we need. When there was only two of us a normal fridge freezer was fine, but now there's four we need all the space we can get!
I have to agree with londonblue here, I much prefered with a family a seperate freezer to stock up on food bargains with a fridge in the kitchen as I really don't feel they american fridges hold as much. Horses for courses I guess
Samsung RSG5DURS - biggest freezer section for this style at a reasonable (ish) price.
my ex wife fitted well after i choped her up id go for the budget size does the job....
Our new fridge and freezer arrived over the weekend. We didn't realise when we bought them, that you can actually link them together and make them look like one huge fridge/freezer. They really look the business, and are much bigger than an American Style jobby.

In case it isn't too late for you, here's a link to the fridge: