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Blair Sturrock Sci-fi Q&A

General Questions

Do you believe in aliens?
The universe is vast and endless there has to be ET’S running around somewhere.

Do you know any Klingon?
Heghlu’meh QaQ jajvam = today is a good day to die

Do you have a copy of Star Trekkin by the Firm?
Sorry to say it didn’t make it into my itunes library

What's your favourite sci-fi/fantasy game (if any) and are you going to play the Old Republic MMO when it comes out?
The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II, The Rise of the Witch-king

Which was the hottest Dr Who assistant?
The hot red head Karen Gillian actually helped me start viewing the who again.

Is "I like science fiction" a more successful chat up line than "I play for Southend United"?
No, the I believe in the force line hasn’t worked yet.

What really happened to our scoreboard?
Don’t have a clue what you are on about, scoreboard?

Which Blues player destroyed the Cheltenham lights with his psychic powers?
Not a very intelligent bunch so they don’t have the extra brain function needed to tap into their psychic potential.

Were you really in the series "V" or is that another South Upper rumour?
Just finished series one of V and I ain’t no lizard.

Do you believe man actually stepped on the moon and what would you say to people who are sceptical about the whole moon landing subject?
Surely they did because how messed up you got to be to stage all that but I suppose if they can fly planes into there on trade centre then anything is possible.

How do you explain Crop Circles? Guys with sticks and tools that have never slept with a woman or man ?
massive spaceships that love to visit rural America ? mmmm?

The Star Wars Round

In his opinion, did Darth Vader (being the badass Sith that he is) ever get laid after the events of episode 3? If yes, did he have a strap on seeing as he was all burnt, or did his manhood stay intact?
He had a non lethal lightsaber between his legs.

Did Chewbacca shave, if yes, where did he draw the line? Also, how do Wookies reproduce? Chewbacca is naked in the films and we see no manhood.
Don’t know where to start with this one. Wookies must have an inverted penis and they must shed like a dawg.

Is it true that when Prosser turned up for training one day on an unusual mode of transport your Dad told him to 'Lose the horse, Luke'?
This terrible question is the reason why I decided to take an age to reply to these questions haha

Will you think up a Jedi based celebration for next time you score? (Suggestions include force choking teammates, or doing the Emperor’s lightning hands)
Score what hahaha. Will produce more goals next season and a celebration to boot.

If you could be any Star Wars character who would you be?
Obi-wan Kenobi and no other.

Star Wars, the prequels - any good?
Everything star wars is good if not great,amazing,unbelievable

Would be support the idea of the team coming out to the imperial march?
Maybe but its dark side so im not so sure.

What’s the most obscure fact you know about Star Wars? (mine is that the inside of R2D2 was plastered with Playboy covers, so Kenny was very happy, all the time)
I know that Alec Guinness was ****ed when he heard that Kenobi was to die and thought about taking off.happy that he didn’t.

Who would win a good old fashioned no holds barred bare knuckle tear up out of Bilel and Chewbacca in a jovial fight to the death?
Chewbacca would jovially rip his arms out of his sockets.

The Quick Fire Round

Princess Leia or Padme Amidala?
Padme all day

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Its star wars but only just.

Leia or Aunt Beru?
Aunt beru all day ha

Death Star vs Borg Cube?
Borg cube, only picard can take out a cube

Tripods or Tomorrow people?

Leeloo or Aeon Flux?
Leeloo and her multi pass

Battlestar Galactica: Original or New?

Tricia Helfer or Grace Park?
Tricia helfer wow

Seven or T'Pol ?

Alec Guinness or Ewan McGregor?
Both anyone who played Kenobi is god in my eyes.

The blue Jedi Twilek from episode 3, or the one that Jabba feeds to the Rancor in episode 6?

Thanks Blair!!!:thumbsup: