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The Font of all Knowledge
Staff member
Nov 2, 2008
From what I've heard (as I said on another thread) this fight is apparently signed, and they're due to announce it soon, so I thought i'd create this for the build-up to the fight next May. So how do people see this going? Anyone give Khan a chance at all?

I'm saying Mayweather wins by stoppage, no later than round 8 & here's why...

Khan's main attribute is his speed. His downfalls are, he's got an awful defence, Ropey chin & zero discipline.

Speed: his speed is very quick, he can deliver a lightening fast combo of punches. But his punches carry no power. At Lightweight, where he made his name, he looked good. But as soon as he stepped up to Light Welterweight, he lost his power. He simply can't carry it up a weight class. He'll be stepping up in weight AGAIN to fight Floyd. When you step up in weight, it's hard for boxers to take their attributes with them, as only a 7lb weight gain can slow a fighter down. Hatton is a key example, he always struggled at welterweight & made him look like a completely different fighter.

Khan's defence: make no mistakes, khans defence is shocking. He can't get out of range & so many of his opponents tag him easily. He's been dropped 3 times & has been out on his feet more than once in other fights. His problem is, when punches are coming towards him, he doesn't move. There's no bobbing or weaving, no slipping. It's all just planted feet & try & absorb whatever's being thrown at him. And everyone knows how sturdy that chin is.

he's shown a complete lack of discipline in recent fights. Maybe it's the whole macho thing, where he wants to show people he can trade punches, that he is a tough guy. But it doesn't do him any good. He's not a ferocious banger like Matthysse or GGG. He's not able to absorb punishment like Gatti or Hatton could. He needs to keep as far away from this side of fighting as humanly possible. But he doesn't. His trainers have told him the same, don't get drawn into a scrap. But he does anyway. You simply cannot do it against elite level fighters.

Floyd is too quick, too smart & simply too good for Khan. My prediction is, first few rounds, Khan will try to utilise those slashing jabs/crosses, but will become frustrated when he cannot hit Floyd. By the mid rounds, he's frustration will show & he'll start to take chances & become more reckless as Floyd picks him off at will, putting rounds in the bank. By the 7th-8th, Khan will do something stupid, exposé that chin & Floyd will finish there & then.