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Blue tinted optimist
Oct 28, 2003
Cloud cuckoo land
Guys, several threads on here relate to finances, umbongo's etc and there are various comments from people to those who they think are close to the club or in the know, asking what the situation is.

Look, it's not rocket science and we don't need someone close to the club to tell us.

We have no available cash. RM is "arranging" for our funds to be topped up by however many thousand a month is needed whenever it is most pressing. The club money DOES NOT go into his pocket. There are a whole myriad of companies involved in the running of SUFC and ownership of the land. It is done that way for a reason, obviously, presumably from a protection point of view. However, the money has to be raised somehow and from somewhere.

He has stated publicly in the past that this situation will pretty much continue for as long as we are at Roots Hall. For those who says he never tells the truth, there it is, plain and simple. We therefore needn't be surprised when HMRC come knocking again.

When we get to FF things will be different. We are not told how, but they will be different. There is of course the possibility that the new Barca manager will have not done his homework correctly and offer £30m for Straker, really believing he is the new Gareth Bale. But until then, we - the fans - are the only ones who have the power to be a massive income stream to the club. We are inching towards the finish line here, FF will happen and I urge and implore the people who call themselves to be supporters to stand up and be counted NOW. If you are going to support the club, then do so; don't just look at the results, watch the highlights on the internet and then moan that the club has no cash.

Without fans, a club ceases to exist. If we want the club to continue on the pitch, we have to do our bit off it and believe me, a little contribution via gate receipts, merchandise, whatever is going to be a drop in the ocean to what people will have to stump up in order to get a Phoenix Club through the non-leagues and back into L2.

There are clearly things going on that we don't know about as, despite all the different claims by people, we do sign players, not many but they do occasionally come, we aren't in administration and will never be (unless RM dies but that's a different issue and actually quite a worrying one) and we do still have a team to support.

So, with the season nearly upon us, can we wipe the slate clean, pray for FF to happen sooner rather than later and all just club together to keep the team afloat.

We are Southend United. We have over the years had a fantastic reputation as fans and for being a family club.

Let us get back the Spirit of Southampton and Spirit of Doncaster, when we celebrated despite heavy defeats. Let us make Roots Hall the "difficult place it was to come" (according to most other managers) rather than the somewhat easy touch it is now.

Let us really become the 12th man and make it for us, not the opposition.

True Blue and the North Bank and TBV, please refrain from any anti-player chants and songs and round on those that start them. Save the dissatisfaction for after the game. During the 90 minutes, let's support the team and show them who are are. Southend United, not Divided.

Order those shirts. Book those tickets. Get the club a decent windfall by attending the Yeovil game.

This is our club. Let's do our bit.

Blue Army!