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Feb 1, 2007
Overheard at Roots Hall on Friday night a guy who had met Ron Martin on the tube last week who said that Colchester Chairman Robbie Cowling has had enough and wants to merge Colchester United and Southend United.

Cowling is apparently fed up with having more empty plastic seats than you could sell on E-bay decorating the Weston Homes Community Stadium (WHCS) on matchdays. Apparently in a desperate attempt to fill the ground, he had been in negotiation for some time behind the scenes with Basildon Council to relocate the residents of Dale Farm to the vast car park which adorns the WHC Stadium on the condition that they accept AND USE Col U season tickets. The Dale Farmers have been reluctant to accept the offer as they are worried that the bailiffs could turn up while they were all at the match. As a sweetener, Cowling had been trying to get Freddy Eastwood to sign for Col U but now that Fred is back at the Hall that last hope has gone.

So Cowling has approached RM with the suggestion that the two clubs should merge to form one club with enough resources and support to hold their own at Championship level. At present the idea is that each club would play home fixtures at alternate grounds until such time as the new Fossetts Farm Stadium is built. It expected that this will roughly coincide with the realisation of the Government’s transport for the 21st Century plan and the new OLO -Outer London Orbital - Motorway, which will see a new crossing of the Crouch near Hullbridge and will reduce the journey time for the Col U fans to under half an hour.

Ron is said to see the financial merits of the proposal and has agreed to a case study being made. It is expected that there will then be a consultation period with the fans but in the absence of a takeover of either club, they would effectively have little choice other than to go along with what the two Chairmen decide.

One stumbling block could be the name for the new club. One suggestion is that it is re-named SOUTHEND ELECTRIC, as although Colchester would disappear, these words are in fact a perfect anagram of ‘COLCHESTER UNITED’ and it is felt that their club 'legacy' would live on behind the scenes.

The two Chairmen are said to prefer the idea of making an anagram from the two clubs' names COLCHESTER -SOUTHEND.

Ron favours something that would reflect his greatest achievements in life and has gone for ..


..whilst Cowling recognising the potential for increased publicity apparently prefers ..


I guess time will tell how soon this comes to pass but one thing’s for sure, this is likely to meet with some resistance in the South of the County as Southend fans are not likely to want to spend Saturday afternoons sitting next to some foul-smelling hairy sheep farmers.