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Coronavirus (Non-Politics)

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The Font of all Knowledge from Russia⭐
Staff member
Nov 2, 2008
Back when this thread started claiming it was man made was met with the usual reaction from the usual suspects......We now know that it is man made.

The main conspiracy theories surrounding Covid fall into two categories;

1) It doesn’t exist at all, and this is about fear/control/resets

2) It’s man made & was designed to cull the population

The trouble is, those two categories clearly contradict one another. It can’t be both man-made and non-real.

In fact, I could argue that if we’d been told right from the start that this was a man-made & potentially fatal virus that had escaped a lab, then this whole episode would have looked much different.

For starters, medical professionals wouldn’t have been chastised and mocked. We’d have been looking at them for guidance, instead of vilifying them. Do Doctors get it right all of the time? Of course not, but when it comes to health concerns, I’d rather put my faith in them, instead of unregulated YouTubers who mange to hock crap on their channels, in between revealing “truths” to the sheeple. I’ll never under appreciate the irony of an anti-vaxxer doing his grift on YouTube, whilst simultaneously advertising cheap diet pills.

I don’t suppose you’d have thousands of people refusing to wear masks, or marching around London demanding to be allowed back down the pub either.

As a nation, we probably wouldn’t have so easily accepted our borders remaining open. And the same goes for outbound travel, I can’t imagine too many people still being keen on chasing an all inclusive week in the sun, at a 2* resort on The Algarve for £150pp…. However cheap and tempting that may seem.

I can understand why we are where we are though. And despite the fact that I mainly disagree with scepticism around this topic, I think it shows just how badly we’ve been let down as a society. IMO the much needed opposition to the conspiracy grifters has not only been largely absent, but (without straying into political talk) certain actions have played right into their hands & fuelled that grift even further.

Using critical thinking, if this virus is man-made (there’s still no proof, and it’s unlikely we’ll ever find the smoking gun), then I’d be more inclined to take the appropriate precautions, get the vaccine & try and limit the risks of catching and passing it on as much as possible.


Aug 18, 2005
Firstly, I am not a covid denier or an anti-vaxxer in any way, in fact I have had both jabs. My concern is that it is now being used for other reasons by the World's leaders. Whether that is climate change or perhaps health I.D or even as some have suggested, depopulation through infertility. If it is being used for any of these reasons I personally would rather the governments were upfront with people about it as it would at least kill all the conspiracy theorists (not literally, obviously)and maybe allow solutions to be found.


Super Moderator ⭐
Staff member
Aug 14, 2009
Westcliff riviera
The intention was to close this thread on Saturday to allow posters time to discuss the change of date announced on Monday. However, having read the recent posts all they have done, in the main, is confirm our original concerns on this thread, So we think now is the time. And it is gone!
Not open for further replies.