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Post-Match Thread and Ratings Dagenham & Redbridge 2-0 Southend United - The Buildbase FA Trophy

So we are out of the FA Trophy, now we can concentrate on the National League. :Sad:

The attendance today was 2,585, Well done to the 820+ travelling Shrimpers who made the journey. :Thumbs up:
Rush, Gard and Egbri are probably too lightweight and not really good enough for National League. At least the management team have been able to have a good look at them. Kinali and Howard can't get into the first eleven, it seems that most of our current crop of youngsters won't make the grade.
Probably explains why Ricky Duncan departed - we’ve give contracts to too many academy players who will never be good enough - and you didn’t mention Harry Phillips and Seaden has gone backwards as well.
I reckon KM's hands were tied with injuries and the cup-tied.
Who else could he have played?
BUT against the better teams, there are too many from the normal bench lacking that extra quality.
I've heard all the arguments in favour of Coulson: experience, been here and done that, but PB must have been on something to sign him.
Egbri, Rush, Gard and Walsh are lacking - and then some.
Maybe, Kensdale will need a bit of time to bed in as well?
Great travelling support from the Blues faithful but in terms of the season I really couldn’t care less about the result today. The next match is far more important..... followed by the next... onwards and upwards COYB..
We aren't going to win every game.

We put out a team based on injuries and Cup tied players.

Back to league on Friday evening, with Neal, Lopata etc back in the team
It’s show why an clear out is needed and most of our U23 shows they wasn’t good enough and need to go out on loan or permanently to clubs who would offer them games time.

We need 3/4 more players in.
Probably explains why Ricky Duncan departed - we’ve give contracts to too many academy players who will never be good enough - and you didn’t mention Harry Phillips and Seaden has gone backwards as well.
If you're paid a bonus, whether they're up to standard or not, the temptation could always be to recommend them to the first team anyway.
I'm actually very disappointed in KM to be honest. Does he think he's some kind of Alex Fergeson not playing his strongest side!!! 850 fans attended today and he probably knew they wouldn't win. The away and home support this season I didn't expect considering where we are, this cup (though I have no interest in) could have been a thank you to the fans to try and take us nearer to the final.....

I'm bloody angry for the fans who spend hard earned money.
Arnold 6 - Not much he could have done with the goal. Kicking was wayward again.

Ralph - 7 - One of our better players today, got forward and put a shift in.
Demi 6 - Tried hard but wonder if he was a bit knackered after his last MOM performance?
Kensdale 5 - Played okay first half but in the second he missed a couple of headers and gave the ball away countless times. Maybe needs to get used to the fact we play in blue!
Hobson 6 - My pick of the central defenders without doing anything spectacular.
Coulson 5 - Had a quiet but solid first half. Completely shown up with the goal, he was slow to get back and didn’t put a tackle in on two occasions. Still looks like he should be playing in a pub team.

Gard 6 - One of our more attacking players, he looks really good in spells.
Ferguson 5 - A little slow to close players down and gave the ball away a lot towards the end. Not sure he has the desire to be the kind of midfielder we require.

Dennis 6 - He has energy and looked like creating something first half. Went missing second half, he doesn’t seem to have much stamina!
Rush 6 - In the first 10 minutes he was absolutely everywhere, I felt sure he was going to create something today. After that initial start he faded and went back to the Rush I’ve seen before of half chasing balls.
Dalby 6 - Quiet day from Sam. When he was up front on his own he didn’t look like scoring in a month of Sundays. He is a support striker, but will not get many goals.


Egbri 5 - Get your head up, Terrell! The amount of time he runs into someone is frustrating. He could be a much better player with a bit more vision.
Walsh 5 - Didn’t do anything apart from run into a brick wall a couple of times.
Clifford - N/A

We started off really well today, and had a decent first half. I was pretty confident a goal was coming. We came out after the break a completely different, fragile looking team that created nothing and had a lacklustre defence.

Not our first team, and not the league - but it’s clear to see the difference the few missing players today make!
Sounded like an even first half. Second half was down to their quality of creating chances and finishing.

Even with several starters not playing, it sounded like an improvement from Maher's first game against Dagenham. If we had played a full strength team it could have been closer.

Coulson, Ferguson, Gard, and Rush given a chance from the start to push to get into the starting 11, as well as Egbri and Walsh off the bench. I wonder how many of those six will be with us next season, and that doesn't include those on the bench that didn't come on (Howard and Kinali). We are carrying a lot of players who aren't good enough, which take up space in the budget to bring players in. Therefore, we should be focusing on a few loanees who can make an instant impact to move us up the table.

With that being said, four big games coming up in which you could say two wins is a minimum.

Post your match ratings here -> https://www.shrimperzone.com/zoneratings/ratings.php?fixture=142
Unable to attend and listen to the game obviously disappointed to loose any game of football but we had an opportunity to play some of our squad to see now they stand up so Kev will learn a bit more about them.We move onto the league which is much more important