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Staff member
Oct 25, 2006

1. Yeoman of the guard? - Beefeater
2. M D C L X 1 V? - 1664
3. Left on board ship? - Port
4. Newborns pork? - Babycham
5. 23rd letter phonetically? - Whiskey
6. Stringed instrument? - Harp
7. Deceased Labour party leaders tipple? - John Smiths
8. Sounds like my mates smart - Budweiser
9. Popular name for goldenballs? - Becks
10. Emu a bird maybe? - Drambuie
11.Odd kind of strike? - Rum Punch
12.The Toon Army sunburnt? - Newcastle Brown
13.The campanologists drink? - Bells
14.Marx meets up with ship sinker without ice? - Carlsberg
15.Put at ease in Alabama? - Southern Comfort
16.A powerful bend from the waist? - Strongbow
17.Former Prime Minister's tipple? - Gordons Gin
18.Brendan, Jodie and swimmer Mark? - Fosters
19.Lift up a car belonging to current 007 star? - Jack Daniels
20.Part of the wizard is in the auction? - Merlot


21. Old Car? - Bangor
22. Male Meadow? - Mansfield
23. Mothers Garden Entrance? - Margate
24. Employed Weight? - Workington
25. Dirty Water? - Blackpool
26. Racing Driver Moss? - Stirling
27. Jam Makers Go Swimming? - Hartlepool
28. Advertise Dry Grape? - Market Rasen
29. Industrial Lift for Mrs Ranzen? - Winchester
30. Cliff Jumpers are Heavyweight Boxing Partners? - Leamington Spa
31. Student Loan for Over Acting? Grantham
32. A Tub Full of Water? - Bath
33. Keep & Sell Fortified Wine? - Stockport
34. Needed for a New Door? - Newquay
35. Opposite of Dull-Off ? - Brighton
36. Bing's Town? - Crosby
37. A Person who is Leaving? - Exeter
38. Complete Bacon? - Fulham
39. Mr. Pitt's Car? - Bradford
40. Shakespeares Tame One has Blue & Black Fruit? - Shrewsbury
41. Seated when Life Began? - Sittingbourne
42. Witches Meet to Attempt? Coventry
43. People's Rock? - Folkestone
44. Sister was Cannibalised? - Nuneaton
45. Schumacher Drives this Colourful Thing? -Redcar
Sep 27, 2004
UK Towns:

23) Margate
26) Sterling
30) Lemmington Spa
34) Newquay
38) Fulham?
39) Bradford
40) Shrewsbury
41) Sittingbourne
44) Nuneaton