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Do we just have to accept we're stuck with Ron Martin now?


Feb 2, 2008
I've posted something about this on another thread, but I fear it may get lost so think it needs a thread of its own.

I'm concerned that suddenly yet another PR masterstroke - the likes of which we've seen many times before - has occurred and some people think again that everything's rosy and there's nothing else that we can do. We just have to accept what Ron Martin is doing to our club.

As many have said, this just doesn't feel the same club anymore. The joy of being a fan in the Tilly era has gone. I can't get behind the people in charge (and by that I mean the chairman, chief executive and director of football) and the way they have treated our players and manager.

Is there anything we can do? Absolutely. Don't give up. The club's future is worth fighting for. Don't just accept that we're stuck with Martin and that's the only alternative.

The consortium is a viable option. There are three possibilities, but only two are realistic.

1 The consortium made two different offers to Ron Martin. One in particular was a very good offer to walk away with lots of money. He didn't want to do a deal. They still await Martin's contact, but it's up to him if he wants to do a deal as long as he is majority shareholder.

2 They could do a deal with Sainsbury's. The consortium's finances are in better shape than Martin's, they can get the stadium built quicker, and they would be able to ensure the club is run properly with a proper team paid on time, etc. Sainsbury's ultimately have a control over the shares and can control what Martin does if they want to. Pressure from the fans would help to achieve that.

3 If the club goes into administration, the consortium would be willing to pick it up out of administration.

As I see it, 1 is extremely unlikely because of a certain person's stance. 2 would be the best option. 3 would not be a disaster as the club could continue. Worst scenario is if the club goes into liquidation.

However, to achieve 2, the fans need to support it. Show you're not happy with Martin. Write to Sainsbury's. Let's tell the national media what we want. Let's force the issue on Sainsbury's agenda. Don't just sit back and accept the lot that has been dealt out to us if you don't like it!

The club is still nowhere near out of the woods and anyone believing all is now suddenly rosy is sadly mistaken - despite another great PR job in the last couple of days, the likes of which we've seen this many times before and yet some people still don't get it. eg Did the Webb PR masterstroke work and ensure the club didn't go down? Of course not, because Webb was only ever a distraction to stop the fury over Brush and he soon didn't stick around when he saw what was happening at the club. And the treatment of the players, embargo, etc was after another Sainsbury's cash injection to Martin. So why would anyone be willing to believe it will somehow be different now?

The alternatives include trying to put pressure on Sainsbury's to effect a change of control so that:
(a) we get someone else in to run the club who can run it sustainably in the long-term, but also so that we can have a proper team to watch this season and with Tilly there;
(b) the new stadium gets built (good news for everyone).

We can still force a change by fans' pressure and get a change of control. That can only be achieved, though, if that's what the fans want. If the fans are happy with what we've got at the moment, that's what we'll end up with.

Maybe some people feel that Martin's obviously been managing fine and the upwards spiral that we've been witnessing in the last few months has been a joy to watch, and that these are truly great times to watch and support SUFC. Not only that, but things will be getting better with him in charge. I'm afraid I have to disagree with that opinion, though.

The questions are: do you like what's been going on? do you want a change of ownership? do you want to help bring it about? Or do you just want to sit back and watch more of the same like last season (assuming we have a team to play this season)?
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