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Mrs P

First XI
Jun 2, 2004
This is a bit of a rant.. Aimed not at our fabulous team after an heroic display but at some of our fans..

I have a season card in East Yellow row O and 6 weeks into the season am constantly diappointed to hear some of our fans shouting out at Tilson during games - a guy 2 rows in front of me tonight was doing it - 'subs NOW Tilson' 'sort it out Tilson' blah blah!! It really f%&ks me off that a manager and coach can achieve what they have for us and still some no all f%&king fans have to trap off!!

And whilst being 3-1 down (against a very good Norwich side!) groaning and shouting at our players 'rubbish' and your f%&king useless etc.. I cant believe my ears - barely into September and its happening already!!

I have supported this club for more than half my lifetime and cant remember a time when things were more promising - on and OFF the pitch!! I have such belief in our management that even when players take time to settle in and dont look great at first I give the benefit of the doubt. It doesnt help anyone shouting out negative stuff at games.

And before you all come back with - freedom of speech, entitled to opinions etc let me say - you're right but I'd ask these people to remember that we are facing sides who until Tilly took over we would have only dreamt of playing again.

Have a little faith you doubters and let Tilly and Brushy do their jobs........... Didnt let us down tonight did they?


Oct 31, 2003
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]a guy 2 rows in front of me tonight was doing it - 'subs NOW Tilson' 'sort it out Tilson' blah blah!! It really f%&ks me off that a manager and coach can achieve what they have for us and still some no all f%&king fans have to trap off!!

if it makes you feel any better he says that every game. if we're winning he wants changes to rest players and if we're not- well you get tonights reaction!!!! was thinking about starting a sweep to guess the time he starts!!!!!


Metal Monday Dude
Feb 26, 2004
In Britain's best town to retire to!
The West Stand Block V moaners started up last night when we were losing.

Don't know about anyone else but when we're not playing well I ENCOURAGE the players more, I was shouting "keep going Southend" and "don't give up" and the like while these idiots started f%&kING BOOING! I mean come on, how spolit are some football fans? Norwich are an ex-Premiersh!te team and on the ball at times looked class whilst we're trying to find our feet at this level and I've seen enough proof on the pitch that if we can cut out silly mistakes we'll be all right.

The team needs our SUPPORT this season, like the last 25 mins last night, the atmosphere was superb and I think along with the substitutions played a major factor in our comeback.


Hong Kong Blue

Agree entirely. We went 1-0 up, against a team who was looking like one of the best I've seen in a long while, and the atmosphere was muted to say the least. At 2-1 down there were a lot of mistakes made because we were under pressure from a very good team and you make mistakes under pressure. The crowd pointing out that someone had made a bad pass hardly helps.

As good as the crowd was at 3-2 down, the crowd was equally as bad at 2-1 down. Hopefully the fans will learn that the team plays better when we get behind it.


I used to play a little.
Oct 24, 2003
and most of these people booing is because they have never been involved playing football to understand.

a lot of them also probably haven't supported southend through the thick and instead settled for being a teletext fan.

it really really winds me up as well, fortunately it is more the minority and the people that post on this board i get the impression are as a generalisation not the type to get on players' backs.

a simple comment last night to the doubters and shouters would have been, "what f%&king more do you want?" at the full time whistle.