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Blue tinted optimist
Oct 28, 2003
Cloud cuckoo land
After Wednesday nights game, me and my mates were discussing the contract situations of many players amidst all this uncertainty over PB. I said it would be likely that he would take a few with him and thought it was a shame, as if the squad could be held together for another year they could mature and develop even further, and where could we end up?

So - for clarity, here is the current contract situation for our squad (I know there is a sticky thread).

The players whose contracts are up at the end of this season are -

P Smith

Of those, Barrett has already agreed a 1 year deal. Payne - according to PB - should sign soon. I expect we will offer terms to Smith, Weston, Worrall and Bridge. I'd be sad to see Jack Payne not sign and would like Weston and Worrall to stay but this season for whatever reason nether have set the world alight consistently. Jack Bridge from what I hear should develop nicely.

Prosser and Bolger are already gone and Bentley has said he will be off (at least we will get some dosh for him from a tribunal).

I think Hurst, Williams and Kyprianou are gone. It's anyone's guess re Moussa.

Additionally, the following players have contracts that are up but we have an option to extend for 1 year.


Personally I don't think Hunt has stayed fit enough although whether we take the option will depend on the next two players, who we have signed on loan with a view to a permanent -


If they stay, I think Hunt is gone. If neither sign, I think we may keep Hunt on.

So - who does that leave in contract?

Here is the list of players who will be here next year (unless someone buys them, of course) -

T Smith

If you add Barrett, Deegan and Thompson to that, it's not a bad nucleus. Certainly not as many problems as I was expecting.

I think we need to bust a gut to keep Payne, really make good offers to Worrall and Weston, try like mad to sign Barnett and Loza and then get in a decent keeper plus commanding central defender.

The issue here is what does Brown do? The professional thing would be to do what is good for SUFC, regardless of where he is next year.

However, it's really difficult to do that in his position - so, if it comes out that Ron is doing the contract talks, then I think it's fair to say PB is gone.

Personally, until the play off has been 100% resolved, then I don't expect much to happen, which may make it a bit late for many of these fringe players who want to know what is going on.

Just my two cents.

PS - I hope we sign a goalkeeper who's surname is Anthony and that we play the same formation as we did last night. That way, the first three names on the teamsheet will be -


I thank you. Here all week...