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Exclusive Interview


Not striking since 2004
Oct 24, 2003
Jeff Stelling interviews the Artist, sometimes known as chadded, often referred to as Biffa, after a stunning win in the Totty Cup.

Steve, congratulations on the victory, you must be very pleased.

Yea, obviously I'm delighted, it's a great win, and I'm very proud.

Going back to the opening round victory against Angelina Jolie, were you suprised at the amount of support you had?

No, not at all, really. Angelina's up there, of course she is, but you know, Lacey's a good looking, talented girl, so naturally she's going to have a lot of support. And it was against Cricko.

Do you think the fact you were against Cricko helped you at all?

Erm, to be honest I'm not sure really. Cricko is getting on a bit now, and perhaps his eyesight is failing him, but he's been around the block, and knows a lot of people, so to beat him when he's a very influencial character around here is just brilliant. It's unbelievable Jeff, really is.

Rihanna was a toughy, but you cracked it in style- reckon you can go all the way?

Well to be honest Jeff, I think Rihanna was the kindest draw we were going to get to be honest. Like I say, Lacey's got a number of fans, and they've faught, like beavers to get this far, but had we been up against anyone else, think we could have been trounced at the end of the day.

AS for going all the way- who knows, but we'll see what the draw brings. It wold be tough, but we'll give it a crack.

Naturally you're a trained fighter, but just how tough was this bout?

Oh, Jeff, unbelievably hard, you know. Rihanna's a fittie at the end of the day, and I've had to work my socks off to get this victory, but I think the credit goes to everyone that voted for her.

Is this, coupled with your previous victory in the opening round, proof that the spirit of the cup is still alive?

Absolutely Jeff, I mean, like I say, we've worked our socks off for this, but at the end of the day, it's just 24 hours, girl against girl, and in the cup, anything can happen.

Who wouldn't you like to face in the Quarter final?

All of them!! Nah, to be honest, they're are all fitties, and I think even if we get whitewashed in the next round, we've done ourselves proud. I'll even admit that there is one or two girls that if we were to get paired against them, I'd even vote for them, so we'll have to wait and see.