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The Camden Cad
Aug 24, 2004
North London
This feedback message was sent from The Electric New Paper (http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg) by --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Comments from sender:
"By Iain Macintosh

It's difficult not to feel sorry for Manucho, Manchester United's new signing.

The Angolan forward who played so well earlier this week against Senegal has just discovered that Sir Alex Ferguson is sending him out on loan to Panathinaikos as soon as the African Nations Cup is over.

After the delight of his dream move in December, this would bring anyone down to earth. From Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams, to the Greek League.

It's like having the most beautiful girl in school ask you out on Friday night, getting all dressed up, borrowing your Dad's aftershave and then getting to the cinema only to find that she just wanted you to look after her startlingly ugly friend. Poor Manucho".


I find your article stupid and very irritating. Tell me really Mr. Iain, what the hell do you think the "lions" are, if not "pussycats"? The only thing England ever achieved was the World Cup of 1966, in England (of course) and other than that, nothing! Fourty plus years later, you still believe you got the best football in the world, and Premiership is the No1 Championship.

The English giants (Chelsea, Man.Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man.City) belong to Americans, Sinawatra's (where the hell is he from), and the English players feel like strangers in their own country. Arsenal plays in Champions League with not even one English player in the 18th, Chelsea with 2-3, so is Liverpool ect. Do you forget what happens when Panathinaikos plays with Arsenal or Manchester United? If you forget then you are not for this job, look for some other profession.

Greece is still the European Champions, and Oto Rehaggel's players, will be given their chance to defend their title in Euro 2008. But, where is England??? With the best league in the world? Where is England with the best players in the world?

I suggest that you should lighten up a bit and face reality, because you're nothing special Mr. Macintosh.

Greece is a country of 11 million people and yet manages to participate in all kinds of sports, and win 1st places. In 2004 European Champions in football, in 2005 European Champions in basketball. In 2007 Greece was the one and ONLY european country ever, that had five representative teams in the UEFA cup. Not Spain, not Germany, not Italy, not England, but Greece of 11 millions.

Sure, the greek Super League is not so glamourus as Premiership, but has lots of quality players, so what? Football is great because it's not money dependent! If so, Chelsea would have won everything the first year of Abramovic's rein... We all know what happened next!

So. lighten up and get rid of that bad arrogance, it's not good for you, it's not good for somebody who claims to be a reporter. With your writings and saying, you shape public opinion, and influence people's minds. At least have the decency to be more careful in that matter...

from Athens