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Bazza the dog

First XI
Nov 4, 2003
Thats right folks there are plenty about especially in Essex.

Mine has to be an old taffy bird I nailed in Greece with the cockroach, she was a dead ringer for Irene from home and away but with corn beaf legs.

Anyway there we were in bar drinking some cheap horrible vodka in pints and these rippers turn up about 5 handed from the welsh valleys and they looked like extras from star wars even after a skinfull. Anyway the cockroach and the other boys were cracking on and I ended up taking this beat back to her apartment which was at least 40 minutes away from town and like the vila bella from only fools and horses. It was a **** hole and there were two little single beds in each room with paper walls, Irenes sister was fast asleep in one snoring like a truck and it was left to me and Irene to do our business on this bit of wood with a sheet, it really was horrific. Anyway I started to get worried when the bird stripped off to her white undies and i kid you not had the biggest skid mark in them which reminded me of a grandfather clock, it was rank but after giggling to myself like a child i thought **** it, bent her over and started to the business. At the time it was like posting a snake through a letter box i really wasnt turned on especially after a gutfull of booze but in the end i got sorted and was banging this old thing with a bucket as a fanny. Anyway the next thing she turned all nasty on me and told me to stop laughing and stick it up her arse!!!. Not being one to dissapoint I gave her her wish and drilled this thing senseless with her screaming at me like an animal with her sister talking to her in welsh whilst chucknig a pillow at my head, i was getting a bit scared by this time.

In the end she gave me a filthy look and went back to sleep and I found my shoes and made a quick exit too the door. The sun was coming up and I was in the middle of nowhere so you can imagine how long it took to get a ****ing cab and when I did I felt like kissing the fat bean eating little git who was my saviour. On arrival to our apartment i was given an applause by the boys but felt like an animal and had a good long shower t get this dogs scent of my body for good. I spent the whole holiday hiding from Irene and when I did see her one night my stomoch churned and I had too leave.