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Bexley Blue

Everything's coming up Milhouse
Jan 19, 2007
Bexleyheath, Greater London
Looks like I'll have some higher guidelines to work with when doing the ratings for January due to our position at this stage. I should be able to rate 'key players' (of which there should be five) between 85 and 100 for Current Ability. Over the summer, due to our mid-table finish last season, my guidelines stated that I had to rate our 'key players' between 71 and 90 for Current Ability. Regular first teamers (i.e. rest of first team squad) need to fall between 71 and 85 for Current Ability (this was 55-70 over the summer).

I attach the ratings as they stand at the moment after the work that I did over the summer. Note that we actually have 9 'key players' based on the guidelines that i had to work within - this is because Harris, Johnson, Dickinson and Kalala came into my staff rating file with the below CA ratings, which were given to them by the researchers at their previous clubs. I am not allowed to alter these until January, at which point I will be deemed to have had enough time to make my own sound judgements. Based on the below list, there will be a lot of moving around, not just based on basic CA ratings, but also on the order of ability throughout the squad.

1. Harris, Neil (90)
2. Johnson, Jemal (89)
3. Barker, Chris (88)
4. Grant, Anthony (84)
5. Timlin, Michael (83)
6. Hall, Ryan (81)
7. Dickinson, Liam (80)
8. Kalala, Jean-Paul (79)
9. Corr, Barry (78)
10. Sawyer, Lee (73)

11. Phillips, Mark (69)
12. Ferdinand, Kane (68)
13. Morris, Glenn (68)
14. Clohessy, Sean (67)
15. Mohsni, Bilel (65)
16. Gilbert, Peter (63)
17. Paterson, Matt (60)
18. Prosser, Luke (60)
19. Leonard, Ryan (58)
20. Coughlan, Graham (58)
21. Sturrock, Blair (56)

22. Nesbitt, Teddy (50)
23. Bentley, Daniel (50)
24. Crawford, Harry (50)
25. Asante, Kyle (50)
26. Woodyard, Alex (48)
27. Stevens, James (46)
28. James-Lewis, Merrick (46)
29. Smith, George (44)

On the point of moving around and ordering:
  • I don't see Chris Barker now as being anywhere near 20 points higher in Current Ability than Mark Phillips
  • I'm also not sure that Dicko and Harris are 9 CA points apart.
  • I don't see any of our 4 or 5 central midfielders as being a great deal 'better' than the others. Yes, they are all different types of central midfielder and all bring different things to the table - but is there much of a difference in overall quality? With the exception perhaps of Sawyer, no, I don't think so. So should JPK, Timlin, Grant and Ferdinand all be fairly close together in terms of Current Ability?
  • Mohsni will undoubtedly move up, but is he better in defence or as a striker? Which attributes to focus on?
  • Glenn Morris will be improved, but should Bentley be so too? I wouldn't put him at any more than 12-15 CA points behind Morris...

What would your ratings and order of ability be? Use my January guidelines (towards the top of the post) and tell me what you think!