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Mar 6, 2004
Suffolk 'em all
OK, following the thread on site costs, the need to raise more money to run it and as agreed by the mods, here goes with a little initiative ......

Accepting that I've already given my book Roots To The 92 the odd airing or two (or three ...) on SZ already and many of you have got it (and all comments received thank you have been great:

- I'm not interested in making money from my book now, just want to up the sales to 1,000 (currently circa 930) so I can get one more zero closer to JK Rowling. Recent royalties have gone to either Little Havens, Moody Blues or Parkinsons.

- The royalties are about £1.88 a book from a £8.99 purchase on Amazon, a bit more if you go for the kindle option. So lets call it £2 a book (Amazon, the publisher and the printer cream the rest)

- For anyone on SZ who buys the book now (and says they will on this thread or by sending me a SZ message) I'll pay £2 a book to SZ.

- Folk can either collect a copy from me in the Shrimpers Bar before a match (I usually grace the place with my presence in the Shrimpers Trust corner from about 2.00 pm to 2.45 pm ish on a Saturday KO), or

- They can get it from Amazon and tell me when they've done it (there is a way of seeing the sales come through tho I can't tell who so will have to rely on honesty and not you hoping that at the same time some non-SZ'er buys and I think that's you!)

If needed I'll bump it up from time to time for one week to give it a chance of being seen by all (a 7-0 win v Wigan on Saturday should help viewings) and then let it die as I suspect a week is more than enough.

Tho I know a lot of SZ folk have already got it, maybe there are some who have missed my posts on it :smile: If you've got it then maybe get another copy for your favourite aunty.

It's a win-win: I get to see my sales total tick up closer to the 1,000 mark, SZ get some dosh which I'm happy to do as SZ is a great site for lots of reasons, and the SZ buyer gets what I hope they'll find is a great read (or if they have it already maybe they can get it as a present for someone they love). :smile:

As an added bonus if you all can get me up to the 1,000 mark I'll change my Avatar and never mention the bloody book on here again

For the sake of any doubt I would only donate the £2 per book to folk saying on SZ they want one - I'm still pushing it a bit elsewhere (when not on SUEPA stuff) and for non-SZ sales the royalties at the mo are still going to Parkinsons

So over to you. If you want to get a copy on a match day let me know and we'll exchange messages to make arrangements to meet, if you get a copy now on Amazon just post when you've done it and I'll add the donation to the total that I'll make on Valentines Day (now, there's another present event surely?) :high five:
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