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Half season player review


Junior Blues Coordinator⭐
Dec 27, 2007
Ok, an idea purloined from 606, a review of our players' performances so far this season, reasons and rating out of 10, plus your player of the half season and most improved player of the half season.

I have to give credit to those who have had to deal with a great deal of adversity on the pitch and off it, including criticism from the supporters. Never in my time supporting have I heard such criticism aired so vocally, to me they're all stars.

Mildenhall - 7, hugely improved on last season, now playing with authority and confidence, especially after the recent penalty save. Still a little hit and miss with his kicks though.

Francis - 7, still not convinced he'd be better off as a RW, his forward player is so much better than his defensive. He's still prone to getting caught out by marauding opposition players, which he really shouldn't be now.

Morrison - 7, ok he's a loanee, but I think he's done so well considering he got sent off in his first match. Very dominant in the air and takes some of the pressure off Adam, rather slow on the ground though - a good prospect for the future, would love to hang on to him

Barrett - 7, Mr Dependable, he's had to work with a variety of partners and on the whole has adapted well. Morrison seems to suit him best, and I'm pleased to see him still having the impetus to surge forward, as long as the hole he leaves is covered by Grant or Christophe

Malone - 6, another loanee, who I like, a little impetuous and has been caught out a few times but offers a great option in attack and has coped well with being exposed when the LW goes AWOL

Laurent - 7, has the potential to be more, he's had games where he's torn the opposition apart (Stockport was an absolute demolition) but others where he migh as well not have turned up, there's no middle ground and that's what he needs to work on. If he's not getting the space he wants then he has to find other options.

Macca - 7, easily our most consistent and creative midfielder, as evidenced by the number of assists (2nd only to Francis). Another who has had to cope with an ever changing personnel alongside him, but done it with determination and 100% commitment despite criticism from the fans.

Grant - 6, Mr Versatility, he's been better in defence than midfield for me. His discipline record is a huge problem though, some of his tackling is attrocious - nearly broke a bloke's leg at Canvey in pre-season.

Christophe - 6, Jeff does a dirty job well. He doesn't do the hard tackling well but hustles people off the ball instead. Strong and brave, with a good head in the box.

Moussa - 6, playing "out of position" on the LW, wanders all over the place, leaving the LB exposed. Played better in a 5 man midfield at Orient, with flashes of the "most creative player" soubriquet that some fans seem to think he is.

Barnard - 8, head and shoulders above everyone else. Completely re-invented himself over the summer, no longer Mr Porcelain but a player of strength and resilience. Desperately needs a foil in the mould of Theo, but not as greedy as he was.

Freedman - 5, Dougie's not had a good season although his wily old head is still an important part of breaking teams down. Tilly has to get used to the idea that Dougie is a good option to start a game, and play just one half or the hour.

Scannell - 5, too much injury time AGAIN, very frustrating when you see what we saw at Orient. He does have something, and when he uses his eyes he CAN produce the right ball for others to score.

Walker - 4, sorry Jimmy, have seen nothing to make me think there is anything we can use in our team. Needs confidence and don't think he's going to find it with us now.

Sankofa - 5, struggling to remember to be honest. Why have our injuries been so bad in the early part of the season?

Herd - 5, not featured much, again worrying amount of time injured.

O'Keefe - 5, want to see him used more.

Joyce - 5, keep with it Ian, performance against Orient was much improved.

Player of the half season - no question, Lee Barnard

Most improved player of the half season - Steve Mildenhall.