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How many blues apperances have you made.


The Business
Oct 25, 2003
In a world of my own.
I am hoping this wont turn into one of those tedious "I am more of a fan than you" type posts but was just wondering how many Blues games you have done.

I cant be sure but I reckon I am on close too 400 games working on the basis that I have done on average of 20 games a season ove the past 20 seasons.
I do a lot more than that now but as a kid I missed loads due to playing football myself.

I reckon at this rate I can take Sandy W Anderson record before 2010.

Never been. Wouldn't waste my money on that lot. Caught them on the radio a few times whilst doing my nightly vigil for the Dave Monk show to start the following morning. Hooray! Up the Blues!
Go on Dave, blame your old Dad for not taking you more when you when young!!!!!!

I must be about 1,000 but then I am getting on a bit.
Rough estimate: approx. 700 but probably lot more if you count cup games and friendlies. I expect that figure to beaten in the next hour or so!

EDIT: Should that have been seconds?!
About 300 I suppose, ranging from us getting battered 8-1 by Gillingham to us stuffing the Shots 10-1. Both games were a long time ago now.

My brother has a total of one game to his credit, we beat Torquay 7-0 in the cup with all 7 goals coming in the second half and he described it as 'boring'. I gave up on him after that!
My brother has a total of one game to his credit, we beat Torquay 7-0 in the cup with all 7 goals coming in the second half and he described it as 'boring'. I gave up on him after that!
To be fair, the first half was one of the worst halves of football I've ever witnessed!
I've been going since 1985 and normally do 15-20 games a season. However, I spent a long time living abroad as a kid (the original 'Spanish Shrimper' ;) ) when I'd only go to a game a season during family holidays.

Reckon I'm somewhere around the 250 mark...wish I'd kept track really.
No idea. 83-94 every single home match, no away games. 94-98 only a few home matches when back from uni. 98-02 - every home match, 02-05 - every home match, even ESC and the majority of the aways. Only about 5 this season.

So, that's about 400, I reckon. Blimey.
I can't believe how quickly they stack up!

Doing the maths, I guess I've run up about 350 appearances in the 16 years I've been following the Shrimpers. I think Kev Maher has played in something like 348 of them?
Since 1997-98, I've made about a dozen games a season; for the six seasons prior to that, it was only a handful of games per season. I guess that puts me at about the 100-mark...!

Started 1967 but living in Billericay limited my attendence as I grew up.
Moved here in 82 and been to almost every home game and a couple away each season since...Stands at around 800 I suppose.
Almost every home game since '89 and averaging over half the away games in that period as well means somewhere around the 600 game mark and far too much money to even start to think about!
Started in 1962, and became a regular in 1968. Barely missed a home game until the late 80's. Was then an exile for about 10 years going to more away games then home, Would guess I am around 800/900 by now.
I reckon around the 350-400 mark. However, there's around 70-80 games in that calculation in the days when I was so young and being carried into the old North Bank on Dad's shoulders, which I cannot even remember!! Those years are only based on a rough calculation from what I've been told! That figure is not going up rapidly now I've moved away either :flamer:
God knows. Never having lived in Southend, my visits have been fairly infrequent and limited to about four or five a season. Last year, I got it up to about 8 and I think I've done 12 or so this season.

I'd say somewhere in the 50-60 mark.

I am Southend United's only glory supporter.
Hardly missed a home match since 86, clocked up forty eight grounds many doubled up if not tripled cambridge four times **** ham plenty etc etc nearly six hundred i say, just think what i could go and buy right now with all the money i spent on going to football, probably half of yorkshire:D
What a good question, I alway wonder how many it is, and I have no idea, but I would hazard a guess at 150 (20odd a year for 7 seasons)