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Huddersfield, the Irish, and rogues gallery


Ant from across the Pond
Aug 13, 2007
Limerick, Ireland
Got back late yesterday afternoon from my weekend trip over for the defeat against Huddersfield. Took a couple of pics, as did Rich (The Big Shrimp) - A couple of which where I got to meet Mr Alan McCormack after the match :)

L-R: OBL, Macca, Ricey, Me

L-R: toellandback, Ricey

Trueblue doing a pre match jig

L-R: OBL, Macca, Me

Saturday started off with a flight at 6:30am from Shannon to Stansted, where Ricey picked me up in his beyootiful Alfa Romeo, and we made our way to 'Sunny' Southend. Checked into the b&b, and we then had some breakfast, followed by a romantic shopping trip on Southend High Street. Good times :D Got to the Spread around 12:30, looking forward to a big 7-0 win later in the afternoon.

Good turnout for the pre match drinks - was great seeing everyone that I did see. Was there for the uncomfortable moment toellandback put on the Southend jersey for the first time. It took some time, but I could see in his eyes he felt nothing but love for his new colours :) Unfortunately, he informed me he didn't know any Southend songs for the match...I mentioned the 'One Richie Foran' chant, but couldn't hear him in the West singing it during the match itself. It'll catch on, someday :(

Was quite a surprise to see so many kids at the Hall for the match. Where I usually put my flag was completely full, so luckily they let me down by the corner flag to put it up. Getting any singing going in the West during the match was a complete disaster it seemed - but fair play to Smiffy and co. on the drums - who at least tried to get things going.

As for the match itself, it was just one of those days at the office IMO. Not much seemed to go right for us, but their 'keeper did pull off a couple of very good saves. The penalty was a weird situation: For some reason I just knew we would miss it and lose in the end. When Barney came on, he was asking Freedman down by where we were in the West why he didn't take it. Couldn't hear why, but just a lot of shoulder shrugging from Dougie. After such a long lay off, perhaps didn't feel confident enough to do it...Maybe if I had offered him a bite of the double decker bar Jackie gave me at half time...who knows :support:

After the match, OBL had arranged for me to meet her bestest best friend Alan McCormack. Was a true gent - asked me how I was after my stint in hospital, told me to ignore doctor advice and have a few scoops that night, and signed my Irish flag too :) Toughest part was stopping Ricey from looking at his sisters though...he really liked the accents he said on the way out :D

Shame not many stayed around afterwards for Gareth's big Southend sing song, but fair play to him, Paul and everyone else involved in raising the huge amount of money that they did for a great cause. We'll see you again in the playoff final Gareth mate!!

Felt quite pikey at this stage, so went back to the b&b courtesy of Ricey, and got an early night. Bus journey to Stansted the next morning was horrible, and summarised how I shouldn't have travelled over in the first place having being only out of hospital a few days, but despite an 0-1 defeat, i'd do it all again tomorrow if I had to :) Always a pleasure meeting you all, and look forward to seeing everyone again at Stamford Bridge!


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