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Interview with a Zoner - Part 4.


Well-known member
Apr 13, 2006
Todays interview is with Ldnfatso, sadly like many of todays generation despite being born to white anglo saxon parents he believes he’s black.
Easily recognisable in the south upper where he sports a Hoodie top, jeans ten sizes to big for him and a Rastafarian hat, So Strap yourselves in as we go down to the Ghetto for our next interview.

Q. Tell me about the whole afro carribean thing you have going on?

Ldnfatso - I’m a black man in a white mans body, ask any of my bitches or Ho’s, Plus I had Brown girl in the Ring on 12 “.

Q. Bitches and Ho’s being your girlfriends?

Ldnfatso -Yeah man I got loads, I’ve had all the women on Shrimperzone , and I’m signing up to Shrimpers on line to do their birds too.

Q. Have you ever experienced racism as a black man?

Ldnfatso - I went into the pub just the other day with a parrot on my shoulder, the barman said ‘’wow, look at that…where did you get it?’’, the Parrot told him ‘’Africa’’.

Q. Milky bar or Milky Way?

Ldnfatso - Milky way, something I can eat between meals without having to worry about my figure, plus being an athlete as well it gives me all the energy I need

Q. Has Dave the Shrimper ever asked you to be his wingman?

Ldnfatso -Surprisngly no, clearly frightened I’ll get too shag more than him…I reckon I could get loads of sex in Brighton where he lives.

Q. You receive more red rep than most, recently looking at your profile you’ve been negged for being ‘’a sexual deviant”…”trying to defraud a bank’’..and starting up a poll about which puppy would sh!t itself first, .do you think you are being unfairly treated?

Ldnfatso – Absolutely, I’m being victimised and all cos Mark Gowers was a lazy C***.

So there we have it Ldnfatso, ethnic minority and super stud.
Next up for what will be our last zone interview is…Canvey Shrimper.
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