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Interview with a zoner Wembley special


Well-known member
Apr 13, 2006
After an absence of sometime….I have decided to resurrect ‘’interview with a zoner’’, for a one off Wembley special.
Previously I have delved deep into the psyche of other zoners and have interviewed people from diverse cultural backgrounds (London fatso), spiritualists (CS J), hardcore hooligans (Canvey shrimper – rip), and far right activists (mk shrimper) revealing the true people behind the keyboard.

In what is perhaps one of the most explosive and insightful interviews yet, I believe I have managed to capture the mind, mood and soul of one of the zones most misunderstood posters.

He’s an Economist, a political intellectual, Sports pundit, and a man in the know….fellow zoners, I give you….Barnablue.

Me: You often cross swords in the political forum over economics with Neil F, where does Neil go wrong?

Barna: Neil doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he didn’t even go to school…probably didn’t even go to nursery….ummm he’s a thickie and I’m clever….and he’s probably a girl….a big one that cries….would you like to see my c.s.e in needlework certificate?

Me: You famously denounced Barry Corr as being useless, do you regret that?

Barna:No…he can’t play football for toffee, and never scores a goal, we would do better with a blind man, who has only one leg and ummm can’t play football.

Me: Often , you are criticised for posting Guardian links, without any supporting opinion of your own…how do you react to that?

Barna: Well ummm….it’s whatever the Guardians is….ha…that’s why I post the link, silly….and those people that criticise me….ummm….well they all smell of poo and are ugly.

Me: you often grey rep people despite the fact that grey really doesn’t mean anything….can you comment?

Barna:Yes…I also write their names down in my meanies book…when I’m bigger their all going to get a bunch of fives…I’m dead handy mister.

Me: Your brother Rob runs a Radio station?, if you were to dedicate a record to your fellow Zoners…what would it be?

Barna: No I don’t want to…can I go now…I need a wee wee……can you take me to the toilet?

And on that note we ended the interview, with what I hope is a helpful insight into a poster often maligned by others but never dull (well almost never:winking: )
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