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Ant from across the Pond
Aug 13, 2007
Limerick, Ireland
Hi folks,

This will be the final Interview with an Exile for Series 1, and I thought I would give some of the people I have cheekily edited on here over the past few months the opportunity to get their own back. So in the series finale, I am answering the questions!

Would like to thank everyone for reading, and to the exiles that have taken part over the last 9 weeks. The Interview thread will return for Series 2 in a couple of weeks new and improved :)

So back to this week...Below is me at Glasgow Prestwick after the Carlisle match last season:


Now, it would be unfair of me to leave it at that: Seen as though i've embarrassed some with their photos before. So here is little Ant in Chelmsford posing for his team photo as goalie :(


1) How long have you been an exile?
A) Twelve years.

2) Why did you leave Essex?
A) I was just turning twelve and living in Chelmsford, and my parents – who are from Ireland, wanted to move back. They are from Donegal, in the north west of the country, but chose Limerick for us to move to. The twelve year old me didn’t have much of a say in the matter. Still to this day I wonder how different things would be if we had stayed put...other than the accent of course ;)

3) Most memorable match during your time as a Southend supporter?
A) Carlisle away last season. After going one nil up, you just knew we’d concede at some stage...but for the match to finish the way it did with Barney scoring that header – it was fantastic. All I remember is Hutton grabbing my neck from behind and nearly falling 16 rows in all the commotion!!

4) Whilst SUFC fans prepare their usual Saturday home routines of pub, Fish House, match, what is your Saturday routine when the Blues are playing?
A) If I am at work, I will go to the office at around 1pm, check what people’s views are on SZ with regards the match, and predictions etc. At 2:30pm I will log on again for team news. Then keep regular checks on the score throughout.

If not at work, get in some food, get Blues World on, and go into the SZ chat room.

If at Uni – ditch all notion of studying between 3 and 5pm, and do the above!

5) Where were you when Lewis Huntaldinho put the ball in the Brighton net?
A) In the West stand on that cold Tuesday October night, and sat there in disbelief as Lewis scores a cracking half volley from outside the box to eventually send us through for the big Man U tie.

6) Favourite current and past player, and why?
A) Favourite past player would be Duncan Jupp. Was absolutely over the moon to see him score in the playoffs too. Favourite current player would be a toss up between one of the Irish lads: Richie Foran or Alan McCormack. Macca because he is the lower league Roy Keane – When he plays well and with that fire going in him, it is fantastic to watch. I used to see Richie Foran on the news scoring goals over here when he played for Shelbourne in Dublin, and couldn’t hide my delight when he signed for us. At the Col U home game in the CCC, several of us travelled over from Ireland and sat in the West. Before kickoff, Richie saw us waving our Irish flags, and ran over to tell Macca in the centre circle. Cue a big wave and fist pumping gesture from the lads! Am really gutted it hasn’t worked out for him at Southend, as it always feels great having a few Irish lads out there playing for the mighty blues.


7) Favourite SUFC kit of all time?
A) Betterview kit during playoff / League 1 winning seasons. I had Jupp on the back of mine :)

8) Have you converted many people where you are situated to the Blues' cause?
A) Plenty! I have a good few friends that have travelled over with me at one stage or another to Roots Hall / Carlisle for the away game last year. All love it, and keep an eye out for our results. Not as many come over anymore due to the way finances have gone recently, but most are frantically on the phone to me during the matches if I am over to see how things are going. Hopefully we’ll get a big gathering over for King Kev’s testimonial at FF.

9) Hardest part of being exiled for you?
A) There are a few. Listening on BW, wishing you were at the match is a horrible feeling. Many would ask why not just move back, but it’s not that easy: when you have a job, studies, a missus who doesn’t want to up sticks to England etc. Another reason would be getting more involved with goings on such as the Blue Voice and so forth. Initiatives such as these are fantastic, and I would love to be there helping out and banging the drum on a cold December afternoon to get the atmosphere going!

10) Yorkshire Blue has established the SZ Hall of Fame. Who in your opinion deserves a spot and why?
A) Although not eligible yet, Mr Steve Tilson would be the person I would most want in there. He has accomplished so much at this club – and long may it continue.

11) Season expectations?
A) We’re a way off, but I still am hopeful we will make the playoffs this season.

12) If you were in Tilly's shoes for a day, is there anything you would do differently?
A) Recall Richie Foran from Darlington, offer him a 17 year contract, start him in the next league match with Freedman, and watch the goals fly in :)

13) Favourite club captain in your time supporting the club?
A) Kevin Maher. I met him after Donny at home in the league last season, and he was a true gent. Has family close to where I live here in Limerick he said, and knew of the village my mum lives. Really down to earth chap and I can’t wait to get him back for his testimonial – we’ll give him a standing ovation everytime he touches the ball that day!

14) Away kit: Reds or Yellows?
A) Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwssssssss!!!

15) If we could sign any player in January (Within reason!) who would you open Uncle Ron’s cheque book for?
A) Lee Sawyer – If he’s willing to come back here, pay the man: he is well worth it. If Uncle Ron is feeling extra generous, let’s splash the cash on Mr Lambert from Bristol Rovers too.

16) South, East or West stand?
A) West Stand, usually with the Blue Voice, and my big Irish flag draped over the seats in the corner.


17) Worst game you have been to?
A) Col U at home this season. Cracking finish with the late equaliser, don't get me wrong, but we got absolutely ****ed on with the rain. I sat there on the 90minute bus trip back to Stansted that evening drenched and wondering why I put myself through this... It's only when you get home you realise that you would do it all again if it meant seeing the Blues play at the Hall.

Some of the other exiles I have creatively edited over the last few weeks now have their chance to turn the tables :flamer:

Nick (Nobby Snide), from Spain: Why are your best friends in the world a rabbit and a goldfish, and are their names Vanessa and Jo?

My rabbit and goldfish are my bestest best friends in the whole world. They don’t talk much English though, but I added them on Facebook and MSN anyway and it is working out well, even though they are in the next room. I play my guitar and they approve by crawling and swimming into their little houses...I get rather upset when this happens. They assured me on Facebook last night that Francis Laurent has left the club to become a bricklayer: but that could be the language barrier deceiving me again.

Rich (GlasgowSUFC), from Glasgow: Other than the countryman link, what is it with the Richie Foran obsession? What obsession? I have no idea what you are on about. Is it not perfectly normal to have a home jersey with Foran on the back of it? Why don’t we talk about your obsession with ginger women and leave Richie out of this? :D


Will you be joining in the anti-Lampard vitriol at Stamford Bridge? I have never understood why Frank Lampard gets the abuse he does. He is a great player – and I hope he plays on Saturday at the Bridge. So in answer to your question, no, I won’t be joining in with any anti-Lampard vitriol!

John (CanadaShrimper), from Canada: Jo Brand or ruby wax in stockings and suspenders? Can I be greedy and have both of the seductive temptresses? Edible stockings, some tequila, and the latest Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy flick from Blockbusters. Sounds like a good night in to me.

What is the funniest thing you have seen at an away game? Southminster Shrimper at Carlisle last season stumbling into a bus shelter outside a chippy in the town is up there with the best! Another would be the night before up at the hostel in Glasgow, where I pretended to be a football player, and it got me into a lot of tom foolery and mishaps: all resulting in me having to fake an asthma attack at 7am to get away from this sex starved mother of one who wouldn’t take no for an answer!

What was the first away game and what was the score? First proper away game was Forest away last season. Finished 4-1 to them, and Leon Clarke got sent off for a headbutt. The player he got, Chambers IIRC, gave us all a cheeky wink just after he got shot to the deck, and that really riled everyone up in the away end. What made the trip even worse was the fact Nottingham was a **** hole. And me and the missus were staying there for 2 nights. Good times.

I want to do more away games, but sometimes it is just easier logistically to get to Southend. I’ve been trying to aim for 7 home games and 1 away per season atm...and so far this year Chelsea will be number 5. So not doing too bad so far.

Thanks to the lads above for posing some questions, and also a big thanks to everyone that took part and read the interviews. The main point of these interviews was to give some on here an opportunity to get to know some Southend fans from far away - and bring us all that little bit closer together. Nine weeks on, I hope it has done so in some shape or form, and that the future interviews will go on further from this.

Hope to see some of you on Saturday at the bridge, and at the Hall in the future.


Last edited:

Ron Manager

formerly Libertine
Jan 21, 2007
Brisbane, Australia
A great read Ant, well done. Sorry I didn't come back to you with a question but I just couldn't think of one. Perhaps that is because it was about turning the tables on you - you were 'gentle with me' for my exile interview so I probably didn't feel the need to get my own back ;)


Junior Blues Coordinator⭐
Dec 27, 2007
Ant, this has been a great series, a really good idea. Well done to you for all your hard work and effort, and everyone that's taken part! :clap:

The Big Shrimp

Zone Photographer
Aug 26, 2006
Quality read Ant! Might be the best one yet although I recall one cracked me up. Certainly better than McStumpy's! ;)


Sir Kevin Betsy Fan Club
Aug 1, 2007
I think you made up the bit about the Carlisle bus shelter cos I am sure I would of remembered something like that...;)