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Ant from across the Pond
Aug 13, 2007
Limerick, Ireland
This week, John from Canada takes part in the interview with an exile chat. The following picture is from his latest trip over to Southend for the Swindon game:


1) How long have you been an exile?
A) Been out of the country for 10 years less 8 months in the middle

2) Why did you leave Essex?
A) Got bored and fancied a new challenge

3) Most memorable trip?
A) Got to be when I got my Canadian permanant residence. You have to leave the country and re enter to have your status updated, so I came over for about 10 days to pick up some gear from mum and dads.First game was v Boston when Tes Bramble went in goal.That was followed up the next week with a certain mr Eastwood banging in a debut hattrick.

4) Whilst SUFC fans prepare their usual Saturday home routines of pub, Fish House, match, what is your Saturday routine when the Blues are playing?
A) Usually wake up with my daughter calling for me or the wife about 7. I then watch the first half of the premier game on Setanta. About 8.45 it's off to Tim Hortons (a huge canadian coffee chain). Large decaf triple milk triple sweetener, 3 sausage breakfast sandwiches,not all for me, blueberry muffin for the wife and 10 Timbits (the middle part of the donught). As 10.00 am approaches a choice of shirt is made depending on what happened the previous game. Try and get on Blues world, sometimes this goes according to plan, if not panic sets in and I curse everyone from Marconi onwards. 10.00am and here we go.

5) On your last trip over for Swindon at the Hall, which players in particular did you enjoy meeting and talking with when getting your flag signed by the squad?
A) That wasn't my flag that was Jeremys. I was to busy drinking and catching up with friends to go autograph hunting.Let me take this opportunity to thank Jeremy for allowing me to travel with him,without his discount there is no way I could of made the trip.

6) Favourite current and past player, and why?
A) Current player has to be a toss up between Adam Barrett, cause he always seems to pop up with a goal when needed and Alan mcormack cause he loves to get stuck in. When I think back over the years there really are to many legends to name,but for me Stanley brought a touch of magic to the playing field.The air of anticipation when he picked up the ball on the half way line and started those trademark runs before burying a bullet into the back of the net. Special mentions must go to Derek Spence,Anton outalakowski,Paul Clark, Roy Mcdonough, Benji, Sammy and Roycie and anyone who wore our shirt with pride, not just for the pay packet.

7) Any plans to move back?
A) Not at the moment, If we sold our house here we could only afford to live in a beach hut on the sea front.

8) Favourite SUFC kit of all time?
A) Blue Hi-tec

9) Have you converted many people where you are situated to the Blues' cause?
A) There are a few who now look out for our scores.

10) Hardest part of being exiled for you?
A) Having to pay far to much for English grub and not being able to watch sufc home and away each week. I suppose there also is a little matter of not being able to see friends and family any time we want. I also wish there was a decent curry house over here.

11) Special and memorable characters / rogues from your travels that deserve a mention?
A) The Garnett clan from Leigh,Richard, mark and Peter Merrin,Sarah Fowler, Andy Young, Most of the original North Bank United, Andy Hill,Stevie Walsh, Tony the fat builder,Tim and Mark and Darren from Laindon,Kevin Hogg, Stumpy and his brother, Slim,Ginger, Paul Osborne, Just all the old boys from the spread. I appologise if I have missed your name. Over the years I have had the pleasure to meet so many people who I am happy and honoured to call my friends and I hope they feel the same.

12) Least memorable trip as an exile?
A) The time i fell asleep on a flight home and dreamt I was married to Aberdeen Shrimper, and Cricko was our house maid. Not cool.

13) Where is the weirdest place you may have bumped into a fellow Shrimper abroad?
A) I was helping a Mate run his team of under 9 girls when a guy jogs by and says nice shirt, great team I have supported them all my life, and I have never seen him since.on the other hand I bumped into a southend supporter from Burlington, which is the next town down from us, at the LDV final in Cardiff,turns out his wife was the nurse when we had Charlotte.

14) It is much documented on SZ of the love / admiration Aberdeen Shrimper has for Jo Brand. Are you also a fan, or is it just Davey?
A) Every chance I get I think of Jo Brand in a thong with stockings and suspenders with a peephole bra.

15) Season expectations?
A) Win the league by the first week of February.Failing that get 2nd spot in the 90th minute of the last game of the season.

16) If you were in Tilly's shoes for a day, is there anything you would do differently?
A) Can't really think of anything.Overall I think he is doing an ok job.People seem to forget 15 years ago we were always fighting relegation with crowds of 2 and 3000.Now we are more often fighting for promotion (touch wood).

17) Providing we beat Telford in the FA Cup 1st round replay, we’ve got a potentially handy tie to progress on from the 2nd into the 3rd round too. Who would you most like to see the mighty Sea Siders drawn against and why?
A) Well there is no point in it being Man U as they are not a challenge anymore,been there done that. I suppose the dream tie would of been Col u, but oh there not in anymore. It must be Grays Away or if not Liverpool at home so it will be on tv over here.

18) Away kit: Reds or Yellows?
A) yeellooowwsss

19) When you do happen to get back to the Southend area for a rare home match, besides football, what do you look forward to the most?
A) Family,Friends, Booze and Indian food

20) If we could sign any player in January (Within reason!) who would you open Uncle Ron’s cheque book for?
A) One of our loanees,not sure how things are with Harding but he sounds like he could be a good asset.

21) South, East or West stand?
A) East,with the naughty boys

22) Since your move to Canada, have you taken an interest in any of the bigger sports that side of the pond, such as Ice Hockey, American Footie, and so forth? And if so, what teams do you keep an eye on?
A)I love Hockey. When I first came over i played to keep fit.I follow the Toronto Maple leafs in the NHL and the Buffalo Bills in NFL.

23) Who is your favourite to win the SZ totty cup of 2008? Can Cricko's sister really live up to the hype and do it this year?
A)I would think she has as much chance as anyone,as long as there are some big bazoombas to look at i'm happy whoever wins.

Big thanks to John for taking the time out to be a part of this. Next week, Mark (Overseas Shrimper) from Malta will be answering the questions.
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Canadian Mountie and part time Strumpet
Oct 24, 2003
Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Great stuff, a good read. Especially as I know what you're talking about with regards to Tim Hortons and Timbits... Oh the joy of Tim Hortons!
Jul 12, 2005
Canvey Island
I have a disturbing image of Jo Brand in said scanties which is going to be with me all day. :puke

Other than that a great read well done all.


Moderator of Moderators
Sep 22, 2005
Southend On Sea
11) Special and memorable characters / rogues from your travels that deserve a mention?
A)Most of the original North Bank United

Ooh, what a teaser .. C'mon then John, which ones don't deserve a mention ??

And what side of the fence did i fall on ??? Actually i'm not sure i want to hear the answer to that one :unsure: :D

Aberdeen Shrimper

The Man who sold the world
Aug 9, 2008
27) Tell us if you have managed to get that Dons shirt on that i brought you....and if so will it have to be surgically removed??


canada shrimper

Oct 24, 2003
Oakville Ontario
26) Tell us about the trip to Luton in your Escort 55 with about a dozen Shrimpers squashed in the back

Was it Luton?I thought it was Nottingham either Forest or County.We stopped at the services and 9 guys piled out the back of the escort under the watchful eye of the local constabulary.Fully fuelled we get back on the highway only to be pulled over 5 minutes later by same old bill,who ask how many in the back of the van?The look on his face as all these heads pop up was great.He then informed me that they will be ones picking up the pieces when we crash.I reply I do not intend crashing.with a scowl from said copper we are sent on our way.