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Ant from across the Pond
Aug 13, 2007
Limerick, Ireland
This week, Rachel (Sufc_girl) from Canada answers the questions. Apologies for the 18's rating on the thread, this was put there merely to make her feel a little more nervous than she no doubt already is :D

Below is Rachel with her new fella...

1) How long have you been an exile?
A) Well I haven’t lived in Southend for about 16 years as I live in Suffolk. But I’ve been a proper exile for nearly 4 months and will be up until May next year.

2) Why did you leave Essex?
A) I didn’t want to grow up with a reputation... :unsure: I think it was just because my parents got sick of being burgled! (We did live in Basildon...)

3) Most memorable match during your time as a Southend supporter?
A) As my memory is crap I will go with last season Donny away in the play-offs. It was the night before I had a final exam for uni but there was no way I was going to miss it! So took revision with me to do in the car and went. Unforgettable atmosphere (kinda like Southampton away which was awesome as well) I saw Hannah from Hollyoaks too! And I didn’t do too badly on the exam either!

4) Whilst SUFC fans prepare their usual Saturday home routines of pub, Fish House, match, what is your Saturday routine when the Blues are playing?
A) I normally wake up around 10 to 10, rub the sleep from my eyes and turn my laptop on and keep myself updated on the internet whilst still in my pjs and in bed. I’d still rather be standing in the cold watching it though!

5) Where were you when Wayne Gray put the ball in the Bristol City net?
A) I was there going mental with everyone else at Roots Hall. I’ve never experienced anything like that when watching Southend so that was pretty special.

6) Favourite current and past player, and why?
A) Favourite current player... that’s a tough one... I’m gonna go with Macca. If anything just because of the entertainment he provided when he got in a fight with Bailey on the pitch last year! Favourite past player is an easy one though. Darryl Flahavan... oh how I want his babies... I have a feeling if he knew me properly he’d leave his hot blonde wife and kid and come to me (I can dream)

7) Bart or Flavs?
A) I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer.

8) Favourite SUFC kit of all time?
A)Uhhh, again my memory is crap and I can’t think further back than a few years! Do I’m gonna go with the navy blue one! Although can I just point out that I’m glad we don’t have Betterview as a sponsor anymore. Having Betterview plastered across your chest when you’re a girl is just asking for “hilarious” comments from “really funny” guys.

9) Have you converted many people where you are situated to the Blues' cause?
A) No. They call it soccer and so therefore I can’t even talk to them about football as part of my soul dies every time I hear them call it soccer. In terms of the other internationals here from England one is a diehard Derby fan and the other is a Man U fan so no chance there.

10) Hardest part of being exiled for you?
A) Not being able to see games obviously!? Well apart from missing family and friends like mad that is. Oh and proper chocolate and Indian restaurants, Canadians don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to those 2 things.

11) Living where you do at the moment, have you started following any sports such as Ice Hockey, Baseball, American Football etc. ? And if so, which teams do you look out for?
A) I watched my first Ice Hockey game the other week (shameful I know considering I’ve been here like 3 months now!) but it was just the University of Western Ontario team so they were pretty naff and their league doesn’t allow fighting!! They still did obviously but got sin-binned for 2 mins every time. So I follow the Western Mustangs, but plan on going to a London Knights (the local team) game next year as well.

12) Is Boston a place you would ever consider visiting? I hear their Burritos are well worth the trip alone?
A) Boston is a place I quite fancy going to, does anyone fancy joining me? I can’t have a burrito by myself, they’re too big for me. I’d need some help.

13) Being temporarily exiled whilst you continue your studies abroad, would you ever consider becoming permanently exiled away from the Essex region in the future?
A) Well I am exiled from the Essex region as I live in Suffolk (or Norfolk when at uni) I know it’s not that far away from Essex, but still! I don’t think I would move back to Essex though unless I married a Southend player!

14) Matt Harrold has started life in League 2 very well with Wycombe. Should we have kept him? And do you think he’ll ever play in the Premiership?
A) Bless him, he tried his hardest even up against all the abuse he was getting and that’s all I ever expect from a player. It’s just a shame that he couldn’t make it work with us. If he every plays in the Premiership though I will add to Southend Ladies offer!!

15) Season expectations?
A) Hopefully promotion (obviously) but I dunno if my nerves can take the play-offs again! So I will be super optimistic and say automatic promotion! (As I haven’t seen them play since the beginning of the season I can say that with blissful ignorance!)

16) If you were in Tilly's shoes for a day, is there anything you would do differently?
A) Bring back Che Wilson and Darryl Flahavan so I’d have my eye candy back! Or not... I think I would be pretty crap in Tilson’s shoes. 1) They wouldn’t fit, and 2) I would get distracted when trying to give speeches in the dressing room!!

17) Favourite club captain in your time supporting the club?
A) I’m gonna go with Barrett just because I think it’s pretty clear to everyone he is Blue through and through.

18) Away kit: Reds or Yellows?
A) Yellows for sure! Even I remember the days of chanting “Yeeellllloooooowwwwsss!” at matches.

19) You have met one Mr Darryl Flahavan before. What was he like? And of all the players you have met, who took your fancy the most?
A) He was the most perfect man I’ve ever met. He smelled lovely as well. Both him and Che Wilson (my other fancy man although I do like Francis) put up with my Dad’s ineptness with my phone when I was having my photo taken with them. Darryl laughed and said something like “No it’s fine honestly” and Che said pretty much the same thing/ It’s all a bit blurry though unfortunately as I had been drinking at the time... I do remember Che holding me up a bit though. And Darryl just held me... Lovely stuff.

20) If we could sign any player in January (Within reason!) who would you open Uncle Ron’s cheque book for?
A) Uh I’m not really clued up on other players so I will just say a defender as competition and cover for Barrett and Clarke would be ideal. And also my friend Scouse who is a goalkeeper. Not because we need one, but because he could then get me in with the team!

21) South, East or West stand?
A) I had my season ticket in the East for the past few years, but before that we were in the West and now Dad’s in the South so I’ll be sitting with him. I like the South for obvious reasons when Darryl was here though...

22) If all of our current strike force were fit, and Richie Foran returned from his stupid loan at Darlington, what two would you start a match with and why?
A) I’m just going by what I’ve heard about him but I’ll go with Dougie and Barney (sounds like a children’s TV presenting duo!) Foran can come keep me company with his Irish accent ;)

23) If you had to choose a date for Aberdeen Dave back in his yoof before he got married to Senga, and he HAD to go on this date, who would you choose for the young nipper? Vannessa Feltz, Kerry Katona, or the sturdy and reliable Jo Brand? And what kind of a date would you send them on?
A) Hmmm tough one. I’m feeling pretty mean so I will say Kerry Katona and the date would be that he has to accompany her to the filming of one of her Iceland adds, then they go to pick up her medication, then they would go for dinner and KFC then bungee jumping.

24) I am quite reliably informed you once visited Elland Road. How much did you enjoy your trip to the home end of Elland Road back in the day? And did the words “We won” escape your lips?
A) I did and it was the match against Crystal Palace and so I got to see Darryl! And we were in the end where I got the perfect view of him bending over. That was the highlight. I may have said it but I was probably delirious with tiredness as I had to drive because somebody was too scared to drive up there and back.

25) How much medication were you on in relation to the day of reference in question 24?
A) No you mention it I’m sure I did suffer the effects of rohypnol... Or it could have just been a couple of aspirins from having to listen to someone banging on about Leeds the entire journey.

26) Do you think Tilly and Brush will shed a tear when I inform them on my next visit about question 24?
A) I think if they did hear about it they would understand and then come up with a plan to introduce me to all the team (and a couple of old players they’re still close with...) in order to reaffirm my love for the team just in case (for the record though that’s not needed. I am Blue through and through and nothing and no one will change that (interspecies dating does not work...)