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Life President
Oct 27, 2003
Old Leigh
Disagree, Beefy. While I'm not league standard, I've kept goal enough - and seen enough goal-keeping in my time - to take a view that his own positioning was completely wrong for the goal, although perhaps that was as a result of his height. He was too far over to the right-hand post, because he was having to cover the unlikelier - but possible - shot to the far corner.

Yes, the wall shouldn't have jumped, and the defenders are badly at fault for that. But lower league footballers are dumb-asses, and frequently jump. Flavs knows that - I've seen Southend walls jump before at free-kicks. But, because of his stature, Flavs was too far over to the right, and so wasn't able to get across to save the ball under the wall.

I also think he made a howler for the first corner, was frequently rooted to his line, and made only one decent punch and one decent stop.

It was a 4 out of 10 performance, IMHO. He was really poor, as poor as I've seen him play since a horror-show against Boston a few years back.



Sorry Matt, I just don't buy it. I doubt that there are many goalkeepers in the World that would have stopped that shot. It wasn't a good freekick by any means but it was literally within a foot of the edge of the box. If the wall was 10 yards back then the logistics of that say that it goes under the wall (and into the goalkeepers field of vision) eight yards from goal. Flahavan was covering the side of his goal that was his responsibility. I'd agree that he was fractionally further over than he should have been but he could have been in the middle of the goal and I don't think he'd have got near it. The bottom line is that the wall is there to cover that side of the goal and if it goes in under them then that's their fault. Unless Flahavan told them to jump then that goal is certainly not his responsibility.

It's like when the same people had a go at him for the Yeovil goal a few weeks back. Their huge, lumbering striker manages to get six yards of space in front of goal and then mis-hits it into the opposite corner to where he was aiming for and apparently that's the goalkeeper's fault. Damn him!

I wish we could find a decent goalkeeper so we wouldn't have to put up with the mistakes that both of our very mediocre goalkeepers make, but pining things on them that aren't their fault doesn't do anyone any good and seem merely to highlight an agenda that many have had for years.


Darryl's Love Child
Oct 30, 2003
I think you're being very harsh on Flavs here, like Beefy said, what's a keeper supposed to do if the wall decides to jump and the ball goes underneath them? I think I said in my original post on here, I thought he punched the ball away for the 1st goal and it ricocheted in off TB, so not so much poor goalkeeping but desperate luck...again.

Ignore em', Matt the Shrimp and the everso clueless Yorkshire Blue have been waiting for there moment of glory for years. Flavs made them both look so silly in our promotion years that they feel the need to have over the top digs now. How stupid they both look, the wall was positioned to stop a shot if aimed at the wall which it was and guess what, they jumped over it, p.s Yorkshire you'd have loved the 2nd goal Collis let in today, an out of form Flavs is better than that imobile string of ****!