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Justin Rees is the Aussie looking to buy the Shrimpers

Justin Rees
Status is reachable
Justin ReesJustin Rees• Following• FollowingCo-Founder of Eighty20 SolutionsCo-Founder of Eighty20 Solutions
1yr • 1yr •

Friday marked my last official day at Eighty20, having been away from the day-to-day business since April.After putting everything into building the business over the last five years, I’m loving the opportunity to refresh these last few months, take some time out with family and friends, and pursue some new and exciting projects. I’ll always appreciate the customers and team members who put their faith in us to create something special, and the things we achieved together. A special thank you to those handful of people at large Enterprises who were bold enough to go against the grain and partner with a start-up on some of their largest and most challenging projects. You know who you are and I will be forever grateful for the trust you placed in us. To all those who have supported me on the journey, if I can ever repay the favour I’m only a coffee away.
Well, now we know. It’s good that he seems to be able to deal with Ron, and that having spoken to him Anna Firth believes he has the best interests of the club at heart.

Whether or not you like Anna Firth, she’s clearly not a Ron stooge and she’s pretty much the only person to have been Justin, so her view is all we have to go on at the minute. Just have to keep everything crossed, and if he does manage to complete a deal we will then hear much more I’m sure.

He’s probably got some local connections you’d think? The consortium may have local involvement but to go through the hell of dealing with Ron anyone would need a really strong motivation and staying power. Perhaps his parents / grandparents were from the area.

Not sure how wealthy he is, but he’s had his own finance business for 5 years and seems to be stepping away from the day to day running of it (presumably while keeping a significant shareholding?).

I don’t really want or need to know the answer to that, but I’m sure we all just want to be reassured that he and the consortium can run the business solvently and professionally without using it as a personal income stream. Or splashing cash he doesn’t have around and then being unreachable when the bills need paying.
The big question is why would the rat ignore 2 bids from local consortiums for a seemingly nobody from the other side of the planet?.

I wouldn’t call him a nobody, especially since he’s pretty much our only hope of ridding ourselves of the rat to see another day.

We don’t know him, and he doesn’t own Qantas or half of Australia, but he’s a lot less of a nobody than Ron just going by the few snippets we’ve heard. Ron is the biggest empty vessel there is.
EightyTwenty Solutions seems to have been founded in 2017 and sold in 2021 for an undisclosed fee.

I’m sure that earned him a tidy sim but given that Justin Rees Co-founded it with a John Kelly that suggests proceeds would have been split at least two ways. It seems unlikely that four years would have been enough to be worth the amount that would afford him the deep pockets that our club requires. I wonder if he’s teamed up with those already interested?

It all seems quite curious.
Sounds like hardball time, we all now how today went in court, now all of a sudden a name is dropped, time to turn the screw on the rat has come by the sounds of it , running out of options and out of time teflon ron, the clag has now hit the fan.