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Shrimpers Trust News Latest Liaison Meeting Minutes Now Online - 31st August 2017

Dec 10, 2006
Here, to make it easier.

10. Any Other Business:
• Youth Team Mini-bus – The Trust is to pay £5,000 per a year as part of their contract for
sponsorship of the Youth Team, which will go towards the funding of this new mini-bus,
which is currently being held for the club. It is a 17 seater.
• Youth Team Contract – The Shrimpers Trust name is now on the Youth team shirts and the
Contract is due to be sent to the Trust for approval.
ACTION – DM and PF to liaise on the Contract
• Alan Moody – Alan and his daughter would be guests of the club at the match on Saturday,
and would be presented with the resultant cheque from the recent fund raising to date. DM
noted that the designated box (20) still needed to be cleared. Disabled toilet facilities had
been arranged. Some commemorative prints had been commissioned, with cost being £380.
DM advised that there are loads of people wanting to meet him on the day, and it was
agreed that this might be better managed doing so in the Blues Legends’ Lounge after the
match. A request was made that the manager and players be approached for donations
ACTION – DM to talk to PB
• Club medicals – SC enquired about the medicals carried out before signing a player bearing
in mind the recent injuries to newly signed players. DM advised that the initial medical
would be carried out by Ben Clarkson, and that players would then be sent for x-rays. Both
Rob Kiernan and Michael Turner went through this procedure. Sometimes, when situations
like this arise, it is old scar tissue causing the problem.
• Individual roles – SC asked about Bob Shaw and Brian Horton, and their roles within the club.
GK responded, explaining their responsibilities, Bob Shaw is Chief Scout, and although he
doesn’t scout this particular area himself, he has others reporting to him that do. Brian
Horton is an important link between the youth team, the under 21s, the manager and the
first team. He works closely with Ricky Duncan.
• Hospitality upgrades for STHs – SC asked why the upgrade costs for STHs are more
expensive this year. DM replied that it was due to the uptake, particularly on the more
expensive games.
• Newport – Carabao Cup – SC expressed his disappointment over the situation regarding
tickets sold for this game. He would have preferred to sit in his normal seat in the South
Upper, which didn’t officially go on sale until late on the day. The East stand was very full
and people weren’t sitting in their allocated seats necessarily making it difficult to find seats.
• Frankie Banks – KF made a formal request for the Trust to be given access to some old
scrapbooks documenting Frankie’s time at the club, in particular his work with the Senior
Shrimpers. She has seen these books which were found during SUCET’s move, requests from
the Trust to SUCET for them has so far fallen on deaf ears.
ACTION – GK to raise with DS
• Future meetings – GK asked that, in future, we liaise amongst ourselves for future meeting
dates, with KF over-seeing this arrangement. He would like the Agenda published at least a
week in advance of meetings in future. PF agreed to re-circulate Minutes half way through
cycle to prompt people on their outstanding matters.

The Big Dady

Light & Bitter
Staff member
Jan 20, 2007
PF also raised the unfortunate issue surrounding a wheelchair bound supporter’s treatment at Meet the Blues Day, concerning parking, and the same supporter’s issue with access to the disabled toilets being blocked with queues for the West stand bar during half time at matches. The club has apologised to the supporter for the issue at Meet the Blues Day and GK confirmed that stewards should ensure that the walkways are kept clear in the stand.

ACTION – Club to allocate a steward with specific responsibility for making sure this access is as clear as possible. All stewards to be reminded that supporters should not block walkways, especially at the back of the West stand.
Regarding the blocking of the West Stand disabled toilets being blocked with queues for the West Stand Bar during half time at matches.

Around 18 months ago the club placed two stewards at half time at the doors to the West Side Bar, the one at the back door leading outside became No entry/Exit only so everyone now has to enter via the doors next to the disabled toilets. The other steward is at the entrance doors by the disabled toilets, he is now there to control those entering the bar by closing the doors and stopping supporters entering even though there is plenty of room inside.

The result is a massive queue in front of the double door entrance which is in front of the disabled toilet, this queue extends in both directions along the back of the West Stand walkway completely blocking this off. The pressure is not released until this steward opens the door to let more supporters into the half empty bar area.

Pre-ordering half time drinks which makes it easier for everyone has also become more difficult recently with the bar/stewards stopping allowing these to be placed fifteen minutes before kick-off, why? This has resulted in more supporters having to queue up to get served instead of just picking up your pre-ordered drinks. This has made the problem even worse with a lot more supporters queuing up down the walkways.

The last two home games I and I know a lot of other supporters have queued up only to give up and not bother with a halftime drink, someone must be losing a fortune.

So it would seem the simple solution is to allow supporters to place there orders for half time drinks up to kickoff reducing the queuing and to allow more supporters to enter the bar area again reducing the queuing, and giving full access to the disabled toilets.

This problem rarely happened before these restrictions were put in place, even when the West Stand was sold out.
Nov 13, 2006
Interesting that at the time of the meeting they expected the pitch to be fine but as we saw against Rochdale, it's still shocking. Typical that West Ham had a hand in screwing us over!