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Who is the greater Southend legend?

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Yorkshire Blue

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Staff member
Oct 27, 2003
Am looking forward to hearing Napster's memories as 1920's full-back Jimmy Evans takes on 1970's full-back (I think) Mel Slack.
Mel Slack scored our only goal at Brighton when the Albion scored 9 lucky (an offside) goals against us!
Mel Slack was a midfield player. Didn't train properly, which is why he was overweight and useless.
Ah, but he was good entertainment value. Sometime in the late 80s, I think, we played Cambridge early in the season. I wanted to avoid the M11 so went via backroads approaching from the east. Stopped at a pub in a village just outside Cambridge and got talking to the landlord. It came out that I was going to the football and he asked who was playing. I told him and he said "I used to play for Southend". "Who were you?" said I. "Mel Slack". How tickled was I.
Mel Slack scored our only goal at Brighton when the Albion scored 9 lucky (an offside) goals against us!

...and Ray White ended up with a permanent stoop.

I remember going to Swindon in 1969 we heard to collective groans that Mel would be playing, and we expected Don Rogers to **** all over him. Mel played a blinder that day as Blues won 2-0. That's good enough for me.
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Jimmy Evans was a full-back, who still holds the record for ending up top scorer whilst playing as a full-back. His penalties consisting of him running from his full-back position and slamming them in. He was the first person to be capped for his country while playing for the Shrimpers. The team was built around him. He was a great player. Sadly we had to sell him to Burnley because we were short of money.
MS used to huff and puff a lot but I seem to remember he was somewhat short on skill!!!!!!! Luke was a million miles ahead of him.
Slack was crap.Who on earth nominated him?

Spot on. I wouldn't put the fat, slow, lacking skill, footballer that was Mel Slack in any sort of "best of" catergory. Not being 100 years old I can't quite remember Jimmy Evans. But he ain't Mel Slack so he has my vote.
Mel's goal was a cracker. I remember thinking "we are going to win 7-6" It did'nt happen.

Ray White. Well the least said about him the better.

But not his beautiful sister, who I had the pleasure of knowing back about 1970ish. To be fair though Sue White would probably made a better goalkeeper than her brother.
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