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Dec 9, 2006
After the defeat at Aldershot P.S. has STATED he is making changes !

This is how I see it.

Goal: Bentley: Instruction. Mix kicking with quick thro. Looking for your right back and central midfielder that will be looking for the ball from you. while being aware of our 2 wingers who will be looking for space to recieve from you or our r/b-c/m.

Right back: Clohessy: Instruction. Look to receive from g/k then play as you have been, remember that we are looking to play to feet in the opposition half tho today.

Left back: Prosser. Instruction. Defend . Only hoof allowed, is into row Z of nearest stand when needed. When on the ball, look to give it to c/h c/m and l/w who will be looking for it.

Center half: Mohsni. Instruction. Look for the ball, carry it out of defence, play balls to wings and feet of our forwards. Get up in box for set pieces. follow captains instructions on positioning, keep you head.

Center half: Phillips, Captain. Instruction. Command defence, talk to team, give the ball simply to the right, or the wings, to someone near who will be looking for it from you. Hoofing is only allowed if needed, aimed into row Z of nearest stand.

Left wing: Martin. Instruction. Want the ball, demand it. Make space to receive early ball from goalie, try inter passing with m/f a little more, look to play ball at feet of strikers, and try to get crosses in a little quicker.

Right wing: Hall. Instruction. Try taking on full back a little more. Remember m/f will be running into space wanting ball from you, and look to pass to forwards feet, and dont forget their runs into space. Get up and support striker. Dont be frightened to shoot either.

Holding midfield: Timlin. Instruction. Want the ball,your the heartbeat of the team. Look to play simple balls then recieve it back, hold around center circle looking to play in wingers and feed a/m and strikers to feet. Look to cover for r/b and c/h runs into attack.

Attacking midfield: Sawyer. Instruction. Go looking for the ball, pass and run, look to get into box late and shoot, play ball to strikers feet and into space for wingers to run onto. You know how good you are . You played for England son, now's the time to show it.

Striker: Beynon. Instruction. Get in and around the penalty spot and 6yd box, the balls coming to your feet.

Striker: Harris. Instruction. Draw defenders out of position. Look to play in Hall who will be running into box and look for Sawyers late runs too.

Note to manager. Those video's of previous teams you got. Well look at the way Kevin Maher ran our midfield, and you will have the key to promotion this season. This team is as good as the one that got us up from this division last time as long as YOU let them play football. Yes play direct football when needed, but get the players that can pass to play the ball out, not the hoofers. Most of the time the ball is hoofed there is no need. There is 10-15 yards of empty pitch they could run into. Use the time you took watching those old video's to learn.
There is another way to get out of this division, other than just hoofball. You have built a good team with just a couple of exceptions for this league. We are in a good position. We have had an awfull lot of luck in games this season IMO. Now is the time to change it around a little and put trust in these players that you have signed. The time to mix it up is NOW, before its to late and we miss out on automatic promotion. Because how we are going at the min, we will be lucky to get into the lottery of the playoff's. UTB