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Oct 25, 2003
Since its the last day of term at uni, the task of packing has ultimately turned into a quest of procrastination for which the BBC News website comes in handy.

However, their main headline really troubles me which concerns the possible resignation of Morgan Tsvangirai from Zimbabwe's election. I know there have been a few of these threads floating around, but none seem to be capturing the recent activities going on over in Africa which tend to center around Mugabe's all out attack on any opposition he can find and their families. The BBC have lots of really moving and inteligent articles on the developments and if any of you have the free time i highly recomend you check them out.

In my opinion, the resignation of Morgan Tsvangirai can have either one of two outcomes.

a) It will force the African nations and the UN to pull their finger out and stop what is a highly deserved cause


b) Mugabe will be able to reassert his full power

In my eyes the latter of these two options does not bear thinking about. Here we have a country where the vast majority of citizens are risking their lives to exercise their right to democracy and have truly exemplified heroic qualities. Mugabe is openly rigging these elections and is now just resorting to the prrimitive tactics of bankrolling the police and army to fight till the bitter end.

Unfortunately after the escapades in Iraq and Afghanistan, we now seem a lot more timid (rightly or wrongly) when it comes to sorting out the issues of other nations. However, to me this seems a no brainer. If the Uk, UN or anyone could muster forces to at least monitor the elections in Zimbabwe then im certain this dictator would be thrown from power. This is not preaching a full scale invasion nor an occupation, but simply military support for the election investigators out there who without firepower and nothing more than figureheads of a hollow attempt at asserting democracy.

It really puts things into perspective when you read first hand accounts out there and although Mugabe is pushing the idea that Morgan Tsvangirai is simply a Western vehicle for re-colonisation, this should not shroud the fact that Mugabe is disregarding his people's opinions and their right to democracy. I really dont know what will happen if Morgan Tsvangirai resigns from the race, but with the casualties mounting up and other nations simply standing by, i for one would certainly not blame him if he pulled out. He has fought long and hard and undergone so many terrors i fear that his end is nigh.

Order and justice truly needs to be restored. And fast.


Life President
Jun 16, 2008
If Morgan Tsvangari denounces himself from the vote then there will be no hope in Zimbabwe being ressurected into the glorious past it was with Rhodesia. Mugabe has had too long at the top and needs to be ousted. By fair means or foul.


Oct 26, 2003
Its a sad state of affairs, the country is ruins and all Mugabe cares about is himself.

Shame on the international "community" for standing by and doing nothing about it.