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Memory Lane My trip to East Fife


SJP Taxi and Private Hire
Oct 26, 2003
Hockley now on loan to Rayleigh
Just wanted to do a review of my East Fife trip as I can't express how much of a good time I had!!!

all started 10am in the roebuck in Rayleigh straight into things with 2 pitcher ****tails 1 woo woo and 1 cheeky v followed by an epic full english then joined by Wallace - Gareth and jiggly puff drank till about 1 and walker down. Rayleigh station to meet the other 5 of our following taking our numbers to 9 then off to stanstead now by this time I am bricking it as I hate flying so we take off and I am shaking and in tears! And am nervous all through the flight! So anyway we land and I stand up and start cheering and clapping shouting WELL DONE JOHN! Thats the name I gave to the pilot! To everybody looking at me a laughing - told the pilot on the way out I would have put that down softer to which he laughed! Anyways we got to our log cabins we have rented and they are epic Gareth has done is a touch here sorting them. That night beers beers ps3 and more beers!!!

woke up buzzing for the day ahead got into fife and went up this rangers pub was decent and a good crowd in there had a chat with Tara who still loves to call me a fat **** when he sees me - long nose mug ;) - so we get down the ground and get the songs going and see the cherry voltage army run out decent game! After game we went to the directors and fans bar where we meet the people behind the club! This is where the fun starts we end up in there till 12 midnight drinking with the vice chairman Jim - top bloke and his other directors where they gave us their ties! With club crest on! We had an auction for a bottle of bells which me and gal bid up £50 and when halfs then we were sorted out 2 signed shirts one home and one away one for gal and one for me - we were the life and soul there while all the time I was trying to bed the stadium announcer she's a top woman - I won a bottle of east fife wine who jim the vice chairman tells me it's crap! Lol also drinking whisky liquor gleaver I think it's called! Oh our heads! Superb
Club!! - did I mention i was hoovering the directors lounge at one point.

got drunk went game met everybody from last night they were pleased to see us again! They laid us on some complimentary food and Jim sorted us our shirts! Day ended went back to log cabins for BBQ and drinks! Question: who butters rolls at a BBQ??!?!?

here I am now just on the train from ladybank station on my way to Edinburgh to get my train to kings cross why? I am not getting on a plane ever again!

Relaxing with a beer on my way home to Essex chooo chooo!!!

ESSEX - Scott is coming home