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My view on the last few days...


Feb 2, 2004
Big welcome must go to Sturrock, & Widdrington on coming to the club, lets hope they can bring some much needed stability and success to our beloved club.

I feel quite positive about them coming in as our new management duo, liking the positivity and the willingness to get stuck in to rebuilding the squad. Liked the comment in today's Echo about if a youth player is good enough, he'll be in the team. This is something Tilson should have done more, like giving some of the good up-coming youth players more of a chance.

Hopefully Sturrock will be more positive with subs, and tactics.

TBH i think things were getting somewhat stale with Tilson as manager regardless of how little money he had to spend in the last few years, a change wont be a bad thing.
Must admit though it could have been handled better, but whats done is done.

It'll be very interesting over the next few weeks seeing who or if any new players can be brought in, lets hope this embargo is lifted very soon.

Hopefully Sturrock can sort out the dead wood and get the boys playing, and show total commitment to the cause at the same time.

I felt it was getting all doom and gloom with Tilson (much as he is a SUFC legend), this could be the spark the club needs with a new duo at the helm.

Like it or hate it, lets get behind them and give them and the boys all the support we can.

Bring on the season, am looking forward to it!


C2Cs finest⭐
Jan 19, 2007
Wakering (the posh bit)
Spot on TTK, time to move on and look forward just a little , to what could be an adventure equally if not better than that achieved under Tilly....UTB


SZ's Official Accountant⭐
Sep 25, 2005
Basildon, Essex
When we have so few players if the kit-man is good enough he will be in the team too.

I heard on the grapevine Ken that you already knew of the impending situation of SUFC, which is why you were 'rested' for the Sunrise to Sunset match last Summer in order to be 100% when Sturrock calls you up to the plate in the next day or so.

Harold Bishop Killer

Got bummed around Aus
May 7, 2008
Well said TTK. What ever happens this is our club no matter how old you are, how long you have been supporting them it is time to really stick by the club. People will come and go at the club - chairmen, managers, players, kit men but one thing remains the same - it is still Southend United and even through all of this I am still hapy to say I am a fan and supporter of Southend United. UTB!!


First XI
Apr 16, 2010
well guys and girls, as we seam to be most of the time, we have to be positive, i was expecting something quite worse than sturrock, he can't of been cheap if we are all honest, he must of been told what is available to him ie plans/transfere budget etc), so their must be somefink in the pipeline?????
lets hope and belive in sufc


Nov 22, 2004
Its not often that i agree with you TTK but this time i think you are spot on and agree with everything..... Theres only one definate in football management and that is the sack !