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The Business
Oct 25, 2003
In a world of my own.

Times are tough as a mortgage broker at the moment. The Bank of England have done all he can to make buying a less and less attractive proposition. As a result we are having to all the networking and calling on our resources we can to get us through a quiet period.

As a result I am going out on loads of boring old networking nights, socials with customers etc etc which can be tedious ( If you are one of my client and we have been for a beer dont include yourself in this).

Anyway I am doing a mortgage for a gay South African couple at the moment. Now the art of good sales I think is to build a rapport with your customers so they think of you when they think of there mortgages.

Well these two lads and I have had some banter and in fairness they have had a really bad run of luck with under valautions, solicitor problems - You name it. We have got on well as I do with all my customers.

Finally after six months of solid work on my part putting deals together only for problems beyong my control to ruin them they are set to complete today.

My customer has today emailed me to say that they are having a dinner party to celebrate and are desperate for me to be there to say thank you. The food should be good as one of the lads is a michelen rated chef. They also have six to eight "couples "coming over too and they have told me that most of them will be buying soon. I have never met them as this was a phone sale.

I dont know if anyone deals with "the pink pound" but if you do you will know as a rule they are always big spenders and as they have no kids or comitments they always have a good disposable income.

The lads have basically said I am to name my date over the next few weeks and they will arrange the party around me. So its going to be tough to get out of.

Now I am know in this PC world I should be honoured and all that. I often go out with hetrosexual couples for drinks or a meal once they have completed as its a good way to try and get them to pass my details onto a friend.

However I dont really feel comfortable going to a homosexual dinner party at night in North West London. One the flip side I am self employed - Off the back of this deal I have done very well and a few more of the same would be ideal as I am buying myself.

What should I do?
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Yorkshire Blue

Super Moderator⭐
Staff member
Oct 27, 2003
However I dont really feel comfortable going to a homosexual dinner party at night in North West London. One the flip side I am self employed - Off the back of this deal I have done very well and a few more of the same would be ideal as I am buying myself.

What should I do?

Conquer your fear Dave. I'd imagine a homosexual dinner party in North West London is much like a homosexual dinner party in Brighton. North London can be a bit intimidating at times, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

ps Ask if you can bring a friend. If you go with your mate Ben from the office you can network that much more effectively.

Matt the Shrimp

aka Harry Potter
Oct 27, 2003
Lewisham, London
Dave, it'll be a right laugh. Almost all gay men have a "gay-dar" which means they will already know you're straight.

So, basically, you're being invited for a free slap-up meal, with great nosh and loads of potential clients there. What's not to like?!




The Camden Cad
Aug 24, 2004
North London
You should get in there and enjoy it, mate. It just means an evening of knob jokes and innuendo, that's all. They're unlikely to make you the main course, so as long as you can cope with the unusual sight of man-on-man intimacies, you'll be fine.

You really have to ask yourself what kind of businessman you are. Are you the kind that can only do business with people like you, or can you adapt and make your fortune by going into uncharted territory.

The very fact that you're considering this means that your attitudes are already light years ahead of most people in your industry.

Look at this way, while everyone else is making 'bender' jokes, you'll be absolutely cleaning up.

Go for it.


Oct 23, 2003
Otley, West Yorks
Dave , as you know I am in exactly the same line of work as yourself , but I have never felt the urge to put the chocolate on someone else's profiterol at a dinner party.

Lester Bangs

Apr 19, 2007
great nosh

I think thats what DtS is worried about (joke obviously).

Seriously you need to do this, it'll be a great night. If the Chef works at a Michelin starred establishment the food will be out of sight. You'll also have a fantastic laugh. I went to Pride about ten years ago and was really apprehensive about it. It turned out to be one of the best nights out I've had in ages.

Even ended up in 'Heaven' afterwards for an all nighter, the people I met that day are still friends now.

Thinking of from a professional view point aswell you may get some decent referrals out of it down the line. 'Never undererstimate the value of the pink pound' - Pete Waterman 2001
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Well-known member
Apr 13, 2006
I'd go, if you can make money by selling a few mortgages why not.

MK Shrimper

Well-known member
Aug 6, 2005
...however they could feed you some gay inducing sweet-meats from that secret shop down Old Compton Street that could turn you gayer than a Michael Barrymore pool party and the next day you'll be singing along to West Side Story on your Ipod.....


Apr 11, 2005
Just make sure you wear a nice tight pair of boxers with double elastic strengthening for the akward moments when some one might drop a nice canopy behind you!


Life President
Jan 20, 2007
Here there everywhere
Or they could be doing it as a huge thank you , and a shy attractive female friend of these needs setting up with an intellegent , professional man .......

(ok they didnt get that but maybe you'll do ;) )

Go for it