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New leagues and prospects for the season

* ORM *

Emma Bunton's No. 1 stalker, Adam Barretts No. 1 f
Nov 7, 2003
Flying the flag for SUFC in Sai Kung, Hong Kong
FC VII - last season 3rd. This is a real toughie and there are no weak teams with all 6 pretty similar in strength Hoping to keep one step clear of relegation worries. Target 3rd

OD IV - last season 5th - luxury of a bot this season. No title aspirations but I should be good enough for top 4. Target 3rd.

BT V - last season 2nd. Steer clear of bottom 4 is the only target.


Life President
Oct 27, 2003
Ugh, this is going to be a serious struggle this season unless I invest in some monsters. Here's my leagues with recent Batstats shown. Mighty Minnions have a much better team than their Batstats suggest (hence being ranked #2 in England) and my ratings are about to get worse once I sell my oldie bowler.

376 Brianstoke Batters
329 Angband Town
321 Nadouessioux Akíchita
303 Legendary Knights
287 ShrimperZone CC
269 The Spankers
260 Stansfield Superjets
259 BGS XI

FC - II.2
337 Bob's Buffoons
306 Queens Park CC
298 Aquantra CC
287 ShrimperZone CC
280 Vulgar Boatmen C.C.
243 mighty minnions


The Horse with no Name⭐
Oct 27, 2003
The wilds of Kent
BT - VI.534

I'm the only non-bot.

FC - VIII.54

Came 4th last year, two promoted teams are fairly rubbish. Relegated team about a par with me. Should come 2/3rd

OD - IV.4

Came 3rd last year, but with Triximo's still in the mix, won't do any better.


Metal Monday Dude
Feb 26, 2004
In Britain's best town to retire to!
FC VI.15 - 1st season at VI after promotion and looks a toughie. I'm the lowest ranked team but looking to be competitive. Need to bat much better!!

OD IV.47 - finished an almighty close 3rd last season, we're looking at another solid season. 36 points last season (40 won the league), looking to at least match that.

BT20 V.118 - seem to routinely finish 3rd, doesn't really matter who's in the league!

Have strengthened the team with the addition of an all-rounder, who gives me an additional batsman (now bat down to 8) as well as him being superior to last season's 5th bowler. Bowditch, Swart and Lawrenson have finished training; Adriaan is coming on nicely. Time for a fresh new batch of trainees.


Oct 26, 2003
FC - VIII.15 - Promotion from a division of bots last season, if I survive this season I'll be happy.

OD - V.207 Finished 4th last season, expect at least the same this season.

BT20 - V.134 Again promoted from a division of bots last season, again i'll be happy with survival.