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Mar 6, 2004
Suffolk 'em all
Sometimes I despair.

Granted, tonight we were poor and, granted too, folk have a right to vent their frustration.

But how miserable and de-motivating can folk get? Well, C55 and 56 in the South Upper set new levels tonight.

From the outset they moaned like morons but the second half saw it turn up a few notches. Straker I thought had a solid first half, but early in the second he made a mistake and all his good work was forgotten in an instant by our middle-aged boo-boys who started a foul mouthed rant at him in earnest and from there on in delighted in every opportunity to load it on to our No. 3 as his night, like that of our team, deteriorated.

I suspect neither C55 or 56 post on here as the abusive language blocker would render their posts into a useless stream of asterisks. Folk like this are just woeful. Sadly they are not alone, but as a pair they form a formidable double act and perhaps gain solace in each other's misery to get through life.

At the start of the second half in frustration at one of their jibes I shouted out something in support of SUFC followed by a comment along the lines that it was a shame some folk were so negative. C55, immediately to my left, retorted by saying that his 46 years at Southend entitled him to be like that and implied I had not gained that right of passage by achieving similar such 'staunch' support - I corrected him on this, though at just 42 years home and away maybe (most of it from well outside Essex) I am not quite in his 'league' to which he dismissed me and carried in in his world of abusive misery for the rest of the match.

Well, with 46 years of such 'support' it's perhaps a wonder that we have done as well as we have, Roots Hall would be a far better place without his 'insight' and maybe many an out-of-form player free of his vocal encouragement would have gone on to perform better for us than they ultimately did.

There was some small victory at end the night. As the injury time board went up SS Jnr and I got up and made our way to the top of the West to gain an early exit on the final whistle. Our neighbours on us getting up decided to move early too - we ran to the West so as to minimise missing anything and so just caught our goal, I suspect the slower moving more cumbersome sweary twins missed it completely. Shame. I can imagine they viewed that positively.

Anyway, it seems that seats C53 and 54 are free from STH use. Stay well clear and sit elsewhere if you want a more enjoyable match.